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48. Suzy v Mark. Suzy a teenage wannabe female wrestler who is just getting over a trouncing by a older female rambler, meets Mark an old school friend on the beach at Broadstairs. Suzy recounts her story to Mark and told him she was trying to be a better wrestler and she always admired his skill on the boys team at school. Mark who was now a part time professional wrestler offered give Suzy some wresting lessons. Suzy like the idea, as she liked to look of Mark’s sexy lean body in his brief black speedos.

Suzy didn’t take up Mark's offer for a couple of weeks, until she had met another old school friend Sharon. Sharon was a stunning very fit looking athletic, black teenager. Sharon was very fit and athletic at school and Suzy used to wrestle Sharon at school and always lost. Sharon now looked even fitter and more capable. Sharon challenged Suzy to a match for old times sake. Suzy accepted, then afterwards wished she hadn’t. However she remembered Mark’s offer and decided to take it up.

Mark wrestled with Suzy on a hot sunny afternoon in his back garden dressed in his tight black speedos. He showed Suzy most of the moves and how to apply them also how to get out of them, then let Suzy practice them on him. Suzy quickly picked up how to wrestle. The close contact with the semi-naked Mark brought out the killer instinct in her. She took advantage of Mark allowing her to practice holds and using her height and weight advantage as she put him through a series of punishing hold.

To Suzy’s surprise and joy Mark far from annoyed at her actions was sexually aroused by them. She made him come more than once, as she worked him over physically and sexually. Good mixed action with a female working a male over, to multiple ejaculations €1.50



















49. The UK magnificent and mean mixed wrestling tournament book 3 the battle continues. Book three continues the long epic battle of the sexes, wrestling started in books 1 and 2. (story 46 and 47) Ross’s suffering continues at the hands of his female nurse and physiotherapist, after being totally defeated and humiliated in book 2.

The fourth match is voted on and a handicap match is chosen, one male against one female. In round one the male wrestler is blindfold and female wrestler has her arms tied behind her back. Handicaps are reversed in round two. Jan the Flemish fighter, takes on Sharon Tate the warrior princess.

In round one although Sharon had her hands secured behind her back, Jan had the greatest handicap being blindfold. Sharon was quick to exploit Jan’s vulnerability and really makes him suffer long and hard. Intense physical and sexual abuse follow, forcing a KO, first blood, stripping, ball busting, and TKO (forced ejaculation) from the badly bruised and battered, Flemish fighter.

In round two Jan hoped to make a come back, as Sharon has the greatest handicap this time. however he felt vulnerable naked from the waist down, with his arms secured behind his back. Jan started off well making Sharon suffer but he didn’t know that there was small speaker hidden in Sharon’s hood and Lisa her team captain was directing her. Sharon quickly turned the tables on Jan and made him suffer even more. Sharon virtually destroyed Jan physically and sexually, before taking the match with a second TKO. Sharon continued to abuse Jan physically and sexually after his defeat and total surrender.

The girls team was awarded a forfeit against the boys team for having such a large points lead over the boys team. They choose to have Wayne Harris the street brawler used as a human punch bag. He is abused by Stacy and Stella two young sexy and very capable female boxers, from the US. Stacy and Stella’s gloved fists almost destroy Wayne leaving him badly beaten and physically and sexually drained. Wayne suffers two brutal forced ejaculations at Stacy and Stella’s hands.

For the fifth match, one naked female wrestler takes on two clothed male wrestlers. Jodie Marchent the black queen takes on Craig Andrews the red slayer and Dean Smith the golden boy. Dean and Craig are confident, as they out number Jodie and can tag and double team.

Craig and Dean, best Jodie in the opening part of the bout, making her really suffer and taking a TKO from her. Jodie was tough and very skilled and using her skill, determination and ruthless killing instinct, she turned the tables on both male wrestlers. She really abuses Dean and Craig, slowly stripping them of their clothes, dignity, and victory. Craig is left LO’d, drained physically and sexually. Dean is totally mastered by Jodie and doesn’t resist in the last session, letting her dominate him and make him suffer terribly.

Mixed fighting at hits best, physical sexy and above all brutally graphic. Male wrestlers suffering at the hands of superior highly skilled and merciless female wrestlers. €5.00
















50. Squirt 2. mixed teenage wrestling and boxing continues from squirt part 1. Susan teenage girl tomboy continues to dominate her teenage boy cousin Roger using wrestling and boxing to best him physically and sexually. she also seduces a older but smaller young Welsh male farmer Dylan, and promises to wrestle him when she returns from visiting her mother in Cardiff. Lots of mixed wrestling action with the younger female dominating older males, physically and sexually. €400.

















51. Desperate challenge of the non contenders part1. Nasty boy Steve Devine and pretty boy Steve Becks from the three previous mixed storybooks, revenge grudge match parts 1, 2, and 3 return to challenge their old female adversaries rocking Kelly Paradise and Lisa Hosaka to another match. Their challenge is sprung on rocking Kelly Paradise and Lisa Hosaka by Richard Drayfuss during part 4 of the previous mixed storybooks the UK mean and magnificent mixed wrestling tournament. Paradise and Hosaka initially refuse the challenge infuriating nasty and pretty into issuing a badly worded challenge, of any challenge, any time, anywhere, the girls chose. Paradise and Hosaka accepted the boys challenge and told them to return two weeks later.

Nasty boy Steve Devine and pretty boy Steve Becks returned to the arena two weeks later expecting to wrestle rocking Kelly Paradise and Lisa Hosaka. But to their anger and dismay they are told they were not going to wrestling Paradise and Hosaka, as losing their last match against Paradise and Hosaka they were now not contenders. They would be wrestling against young and upcoming female wrestlers chosen by Paradise and Hosaka. nasty and pretty protested by when there challenge of any challenge, any time, anywhere, was thrown back in their faces, they had two choices, accept or chicken out and loose face, on the professional wrestling circuit. Matters got worst for nasty and pretty when they were told they would be in a tag match against three young female opponents. Nasty protested again and there second they had brought along rampant Ryan Storm was co-opted into the boys team, with the teams now even they had even less choice than to accept. As bad as this seemed to the boys team, there were going to be six female wrestlers, posing as lumberjacks round ringside. Two referees were appointed to keep order, one in the ring an experienced female wrestler and a male wrestler Craig Andrews the red slayer from the storybooks the UK mean and magnificent mixed wrestling tournament.

Nasty boy Steve Devine, pretty boy Steve Becks and rampant Ryan Storm battled in a no holds barred, anything goes, battle of the sexes, in front of a baying female crowd. The girls team aided by the female lumberjacks overwhelmed the boys team, partaking in double and triple teaming, abusing them physically and sexually. Even the second referee Craig Andrews the red slayer was abused by the lumberjacks. A long story of hot sexy and down right painful mixed wrestling action with the boys’ team coming off much worst. €5.00

















52. Desperate challenge of the non contenders part 2. Nasty boy Steve Devine, pretty boy Steve Becks with rampant Ryan Storm continue their tough mixed battle against rocking Kelly Paradise and Lisa Hosaka’s female wrestlers. As the boys’ team did so badly in the first half Kelly and Lisa re-arrange the girls team. They fielded a much less experienced and capable team, featuring Michelle mean Madison, Kelly Sparks, and Tracey Ringer. They added Craig Andrews the red slayer, to strengthen the boys team. This was supposedly to make it easier for the boys team to win but in reality it was to humiliate them, even more when they lost. The lumberjacks were disbanded and the referees changed. Aleta Tate was to be the new first referee in the ring and Melissa Loheart a special guest female wrestling and fighting champion replaced Craig Andrews the red slayer, as the second referee outside the ring.

Although the boys out weighed and out numbered the girls, they still lost. Its was another long tough mixed tag wrestling match with boys coming off worst again, being beaten and humiliated physically and sexually, by the girls team. Melissa Loheart had surprise and sting in the tail for the sponsor and organiser Richard Drayfuss at the end.

Ff you liked part 1 and you like tough brutal and erotic mixed fighting with boys coming off worst then this storybook is for you. €5.00

















53. Squirt 3. Mixed teenage wrestling and boxing continues from squirt part 2. Susan tells Roger ‘squirt’ all about what she did in Cardiff to Marcus her mother’s wealthy male sex slave. She described all the ways she watched and sometimes helped her mother punish Marcus and make him cum, learning new ways to abuse and excite the male body, using new toys and implements. Then she demonstrated some on squirt using some of the new toys, her mother gave her, making Roger suffer and making him cum as well.

Roger then told Susan what he’d been doing while she was in Cardiff. He told her he had two wrestling matches with Dylan describing how he beat Dylan twice winning two sets of his underwear. Susan who was going to wrestle Dylan later that evening, then used Roger to practice her holds on, making him suffer and cum again.

Lots of female physical and painful punishment of the helpless male body also some good tough male on male no holds barred wrestling. €5.00

















54. Squirt 4. Susan wrestles Dylan an older but smaller man, who Roger had previously defeated twice, watched by Roger. Susan completely trounced Dylan despite his claim he would beat her. She really beat and humiliated Dylan both physically and sexually. They fought by Susan’s rules and for stakes. Susan won Dylan’s underwear, then with Roger’s help sexually abused Dylan using some of her sex toys, on his virgin arse. Susan made Dylan agree to meet them at the lake the next day so she could watch Dylan and Roger boxing. Susan made them box nude and after a tough bout Dylan who proved to be the best boxer won. Dylan made Roger suffer in a painful forfeit abusing his cock and balls until he cum. Susan’s forfeit was vey humiliating for Roger she shaved his upper body and pubic hair.

That evening Susan boxed with Dylan and gave him a long sustained pounding easily beating him. Her forfeit was shaving his body hair off and physically abusing his cock and balls. Tough mixed fighting story with good female v male action with lots of horny painful abuse of the male body, by a female and also some good male v male fighting and body abuse. €5.00



















55 Squirt 5. The next day Susan and Roger couldn’t go to the lake as it was s raining. So she made them play a tough girls game, from her school, an endurance punishment game, decided by the roll of a dice. Susan totally trounced Roger at the game. using several painful implements on his body. Susan abused Roger’s beaten exhausted body, making him cum. She then made him hard again and rode his cock to multiple orgasms, before making him ejaculate once more, before passing out,

After tea when Dylan arrived. She had Dylan play another girls game from her school, handicap wrestling. First Dylan was blindfold and Susan was handcuffed. Then they swapped places. Susan easily beat Dylan both times and then she got Roger to help her double team Dylan. She made Roger wank Dylan’s cock till he made Dylan cum

The next day the weather was still bad and Roger and Susan played more girls games. They played thigh wresting in the morning and Susan won convincingly keeping Rogers thighs wide while he could not open hers at all. Susan made Roger suffer in a grapevine for losing then rode his cock off again, enjoying more multiple orgasms. In the afternoon they played glove wrestling which was wrestling with boxing gloves on. Susan bested Roger pounding him with her gloves, every time she got him pinned. Susan finally won by getting Roger’s underpants down and wanking his cock with her boxing glove, until he ejaculated.

That evening she made Dylan play a breath game with her and they took turns at smothering each other. When Dylan was unable to match her, she made him play Roger and Roger was easily beating Dylan, until he tried to last too long, to impress them both. Roger lost by forfeit, for passing out and was double teamed by Susan and Dylan. Susan made Dylan wank Roger until he ejaculated. After Dylan left Susan used Roger as her human dildo, to get more multiple orgasms from him. Great mixed and male wrestling action. Wrestling, with the males suffering at the sadist hands of a dominant girl, even being made to make each other cum, great wrestling and domination action. €5.00


















56 The tough girl part 1 wrestling reminiscing. Zack a twenty three year old male wrestler is wrestling his fifteen year old cousin Billy and had completely forgot he invited an older woman Sharon to wrestle with him that afternoon, to help her learn submission wrestling. Zack had got the dates wrong and didn't realise he had invited Sharon on the same day when he was wrestling Billy. Sharon twenty five was older heavier and taller than Zack and had contacted him to see if he was willing to show her how to submission wrestle. Zack apologised and let Sharon in and she waited and watched Zack finish his match with Billy. Zack had just been on the point of getting his third submission from Billy when Sharon arrived. When they restarted Billy turned the tables on Zack catching him out with some hard knees to the belly, allowing Billy to trap Zack in a Boston. Although unable to free himself Zack refused to submit and was made to suffer by Billy in front of Sharon and being so helpless and in pain in front of Sharon gave Zack and embarrassing erection. Billy eventually forced Zack to submit and was really pleased he got his first submission from Zack and in front of a girl.

While Billy showered Sharon told Zack how she started wrestling after meeting an American service man, Vince who showed her how to wrestle amateur collegiate US style. Sharon told Zack she wrestled with Vince many times, slowly getting better, until the last time they met, as Vince had been posted back to the US, she beat him three pins tap out submissions to nil. Sharon told Zack she really wanted to wrestle submission style like the old world of sport British style, against male opponents, that's when she contacted him and was glad he had agreed to show her how. Zack told Sharon about his two matches against female opponents. The first was against and older couple Richard and Judy and their home. Zack had to wrestle both Richard and Judy, they were both larger and stronger than him, for three falls or submissions. Zack told Sharon how Richard forced three straight painful and embarrassing submissions out of him in front of his wife Judy. Judy encouraged her husband, to really make Zack suffer and forced him to submit clearly enjoying Zack's suffering. Zack told Judy how excited he got wrestling and being so easily dominated and defeated by Richard while Judy shouted encouragement suggesting all types of painful holds and pins to use on Zack. Zack then told Sharon about his match with Judy who also forced three painful and embarrassing submissions from him while eagerly encouraged by Richard her husband.

Zack then told Sharon of his wrestling experience, with a slightly older woman, called Rachel who he met by accident, in a pub in Soho. Rachel an ex gymnast, told Zack how much she liked the idea of wrestling with a guy and how she use to wrestle her bother, years ago. Zack agreed to wrestle with Rachel and went back to her flat. Zack told how in their initial wrestling, how he beat Rachel. Rachel enjoyed their tussle, but said, she wanted to know how to wrestle better, so Zack agreed to show her, how to apply holds and let her practice them on him. Rachel who use to enjoy beating and making her brother suffer years earlier, eagerly accepted Zack's offer. Rachel took advantage Zack's offer making him suffer in in the holds he showed her and allowed her to practice on him, making him submit and and suffer just like she use to do to her brother.

After listening to Zack's two female wrestling encounters Sharon knew she had chosen the right male to show her how to submission wrestle, as he clearly enjoyed being made to endure painful holds and pinned and that was what she wanted to do to male opponents, make them suffer and submit, just like the old bad guy wrestlers, did in the world of sport days, as Sharon fancied herself as a female bad world of sport wrestlers.

Billy Zack's cousin left after showering leaving Zack and Sharon free to wrestle. Sharon knew she was going to do her best against Zack and also that after listening to his stories, was going to get him to show her holds and and let her practice them on him and make him suffer, just as much, as Rachel had or even more. Great female on male and male on male wrestling action, with the males suffering at the hands of females and males a like. €2.00




















57 The tough girl part 2 practise makes perfect. With billy gone and their reminiscing over Zack and Sharon got down to some wrestling. Kneeling they locked shoulders and grappled hard trying to force each other down to the mats. Sharon turned out much stronger than Zack and it took him some time and all his skill and experience to get her down to the mats and pin her arms and shoulders. When they started again Zack told Sharon try try and get him down and pin him. Another long tough struggled ensued, but Sharon finally managed to get Zack down and pinned. She kept Zack pinned until she could keep his shoulders down, for a three count and get him to admit she had pinned him. After a short break they started again and Sharon was able to get Zack down and and pin him, but Zack struggled on refusing to accept the pin and eventually got out of it. Then Sharon got Zack in bear hug and despite desperate efforts to escape Zack could not. Sharon enjoyed punishing Zack with the bear hug even more than she did with the schoolboy pin. Although suffering Zack got excited and in the end had to submit to end his humiliating punishment. Sharon dropped Zack onto her knee, when he submitted, slamming his balls into her thigh. While he was downed with his aching balls, Sharon the started on his right arm, trapping it in a very painful arm lock, that was so painful it made him submit. She then applied several variations of the arm lock, getting more submissions from the battered but highly excited male wrestler. Sharon brought her legs into play to apply an even more painful arm lock combination, around his neck. The combo hold made it hard to breathe and threatened to break his arm, shoulder and neck, forcing him to sub again.

After another break Sharon wanted to practice the schoolboy pin and crotch smother. Zack demonstrated on Sharon how to do both then they swapped places. Sharon got Zack pinned under her and it was his job to try and free himself and her job to keep him pinned. Zack struggled hard but could not unseat Sharon even after her taunts. When Zack couldn't free himself Sharon switched to the crotch smother and pressed her crotch into Zack's face preventing him from breathing. Zack struggled hard to escape but Sharon just kept him smothered until he passed out. Sharon stripped Zack naked and then stripped naked herself, trapping him a painful grapevine and rode his cock, using it to pleasure herself, to several orgasms until she slumped weakly on top of Zack. They then lay side by side naked, as Sharon wanked Zack's cock making him ejaculate hard. Their first training and practice session ended and they agree to have another one in two weeks time.

Sharon and Zack meet again a couple of weeks later, for some more wrestling practice and training. Since their last session Sharon has purchase some doc martin boots inspired by seeing Zack's cousin Billy wearing them. When they started to wrestle before practising and training, Sharon christened her doc martins on Zack's genitals and body, she really enjoyed sticking the boot in, it appealed to her sadistic nature and dominant personality, particularity with regard to male opponents. When they grappled again Sharon gave Zack another long, hard, work over, punishing him, the way she liked to punish, male opponents. When they started to practise Sharon insisted on Zack showing her back punishing holds and pins. Zack started with the camel clutch demonstrating it on Sharon then letting her try it on him. Sharon quickly got the hold right and applied it mercilessly to Zack really making him suffer, particularly enjoying trapping his arms, over her thighs, rendering him helpless, allowing her to apply it even harder. Sharon released Zack when he agreed she had mastered the camel clutch, but only to get him in it again and this time to punish him until he submitted.

After another break Zack showed Sharon the abdominal stretch, then the body wrecker, Sharon practised and perfected both holds mercilessly on Zack, making him submit numerous times. Sharon enjoyed their practise session and punishing a male wrestler, made it even more satisfying for her, but she really wanted to practice the Boston crab, so Zack greed to show her that next. Zack showed Sharon how to apply the full Boston crab, the semi Boston crab and the single Boston crab. The he let her practice them on him. Sharon was even more merciless when practising and perfecting the three variations of the infamous Boston crab. She really made Zack suffer knowing how much he liked to be tested and abused, particularly by a female wrestler. By the time they finished Zack was completely exhausted and unable to defend himself. Sharon finished him off with a crotch smother keeping him in it, until he passed out. She stripped Zack while unconscious and undressed her self, so she could use his cock to please herself again, like she did after overcoming him in their first session. To make Zack last longer, she put a cock ring on his cock and forbid him to ejaculate, until she told him he could, on the fear of losing his balls. Sharon rode Zack's cock like a demon, enjoying numerous orgasms, deliberately pushing Zack, closer and closer to ejaculation. In the end Sharon didn't tell Zack he could cum, she used her cunt muscles to make him ejaculate. It had been and even more exciting session for her, fulfilling many fantasy’s of beating, punishing and humiliating a male opponent. Sharon had taken multiple submissions, taking his male pride and his spunk, mastering him and his cock, making them subservient to her. Sharon told Zack she wanted their next meeting to be a competitive match and he agreed to try and book a mat room he knew about in London. More great female on male brutal physical and erotic action, with the male suffering at the hands of tough dominant female. €3.00



















58 Squirt 6. On his way home from an evening of wrestling with Susan and Roger Dylan came across, a young American man on walking holiday. Brett the young American on a walking holiday was lost and soaked to the skin, by the torrential rains, during the thunder storm, so Dylan took Brett to farm house come BB where Susan and Roger were staying, with their grand mother. As it was raining the next day, Brett was forced to remain at the farm house. Brett ended up joining in the wrestling activities, with Susan and Roger. Brett had met both of them before breakfast, walking in on Roger in the shower and then being caught naked in the shower by Susan. After breakfast Susan and Roger told him about their wrestling and boxing activities and after some taunting from Susan he agreed to wrestle with her. Brett was a good wrestler, but he didn't know, what he was letting himself in for, when he agreed to wrestle Susan, using girls rules. He didn't realise until it was too late that Susan was not joking when she described girls wrestling, as all in anything goes, with the winner physically and sexually dominating and abusing the loser.

Brett started well but lost the first submission to Susan. He made a good and came back taking the second and equalising point, with a pin. After another hard fight, he was soundly trounced by her, after which she forced, a fourth and total submission, out of him, allowing her to practice holds on him later, when she promised to subject Brett to all kinds of physical and sexual abuse. With Brett spent and exhausted Susan turned her attention to Roger making him play a very physically and sexual demanding challenge game with her. Brett was just in his boxer shorts, when he lost against Susan and had to let her practice holds on him. As promised Susan practised several physically painful and humiliating holds on Brett, subjecting Brett to all kinds of physical and sexual abuse, finally getting Roger to remove his boxer shorts. When brett was naked, Susan subjected him to some intense sexual abuse, making him ejaculate helplessly.

In the afternoon after lunch of sandwiches and orange juice, Susan challenged Brett to some arm wrestling and thigh wrestling. As Brett was familiar with arm wrestling, but not thigh wrestling. Susan demonstrated how thigh wrestling worked, on Roger. She demonstrated how to win by forcing Roger's legs and thighs, wide with her own and keeping them wide. The painful, and embarrassing defeat, made Roger excited and Susan played mercilessly with his cock, until she made him cum very hard, still keeping thighs spread wide. Brett lost the arm wrestling after a hard fought battle against Susan. He was also no match for her in thigh wrestling. Going first he was unable to force Susan's thighs apart far enough, to make it painful for her and even though he struggled on for a long time, could stop her forcing his legs closed, between hers. Susan quickly forced Brett's thighs painfully wide even easier than she had Roger's and kept them painfully wide, abusing him physically and sexually, until he conceded.

As her reward for winning and Brett's forfeit for losing, Brett was handcuffed naked and helpless to Susan's bed. She then abused his cock making him ejaculate hard, twice, draining his balls, by sodomising him. The second time by virtually raping his cock and his arse. Susan then rode his cock like human dildo, for several exciting fierce orgasms. They all they rested until tea time, after which Dylan would arrive, as Susan had plans for all of them. More great mixed and male wrestling action wrestling, with males suffering at the sadist hands of a dominant girl, even being made cum helplessly by her. Great wrestling and domination action. €5.00

















59 Squirt 7. Having rested after their afternoon of hot horny wrestling, Susan, Roger and Brett had tea, then rushed back up to the attic, to wait for Dylan to arrive. After asking Brett what he thought about girls unrealistic rules, Susan suggested a short glove wresting match between Roger and Brett to pass the time, while they waited for Dylan. She explained the rules to Brett, that is was wrestling with boxing gloves on and that you were allowed to punch, the opponent, when you had them pinned, or in a hold. Brett and Roger slipped boxing gloves on and prepared to wrestle the winner, being the one who got the firsts submission. They knelt in the middle of the carpet and Brett placed his hands on Roger's shoulder ready to wrestle, but Roger did not do the same. When Brett challenged him, Roger put his left hand on Brett's shoulder, then moved it to behind his neck, before slamming his right glove into Brett's belly. Roger held onto Brett's neck and delivered another two punches, to Brett's belly, then knocked him down with a right uppercut. Roger jumped on top of Brett and battled to pin his arms down, while Brett fought to stop him. Unable to pin Brett's arms Roger bounced up and down on Brett, driving his bum, into Brett's belly, until Brett was unable to stop Roger pinning him. Roger inched higher and smothered Brett with his crotch. Roger kept the smother on until Brett was close to passing out.

Roger did not make Brett pass out but inched back down his chest and started to punch Brett's head with his gloves. Roger peppered Brett's face with left right combinations, intending to make him submit. Brett refused to submit and Roger asked if Susan, wanted him to make Brett submit and Susan said yes and make him cum, as he is so hard, she added. It took quite few more left right combinations before Roger made Brett submit, by which time Brett's face was red and his cock even harder, in his boxers. Roger did not release Brett he started to punch Brett's chest turning it red and making him groan. Roger moved lower and started to pound Brett's belly. Roger continued to punch Brett's belly, chest and face, forcing him to submit again. Then Roger sat on Brett's hard cock and pressed his bum into it, making Brett squirm, as he struggled not to cum. Roger gave Brett's belly some more punches and released him enjoying his win over Brett and Susan's congratulations.

Susan sent Roger down stairs for some water and not long after he returned, Dylan arrived. Dylan was surprised to see Brett in the attic and clearly taking part in the wrestling. Brett assumed Susan would make him wrestle with Dylan, but Susan told him she had other ideas. Susan told them there would be a tag match with Brett and Dylan against Roger and herself. Susan went first for her team and Dylan for their team, as he was more rested than Brett. When Dylan asked if Susan was ready, she just attached him taking him down with a rugby tackle to the waist. The impact knocked Dylan down and slightly winded him, allowing Susan to get on top of him and pin him. Susan resisted Dylan's attempts to unset her and changed her pin to a crotch smother. Susan kept the crotch smother on, until she had Dylan semi-conscious and unable to speak. Susan asked Dylan if he'd had enough and wanted to submit, knowing he couldn't speak. She kept the crotch smother on Dylan and now frantic, somehow Dylan remembered to tap out using his hand, on Susan's leg. Having taken the first submission from Dylan Susan tagged Roger and they swapped places.

Roger rolled Dylan onto his back and climbed astride it and trapped Dylan in a camel clutch. Roger really punished Dylan with the camel clutch, but could make him submit, so Susan joined in for some double teaming. Susan knelt in front of Dylan and grabbed and abused his nipples, before punching his in his tightly stretched belly. The hard punches were eventually enough and Dylan had to submit. Susan gave Dylan a few more punches and grabbed and squeezed his balls, just to make sure he would give. Roger tagged Susan and she started on Dylan again getting him in a body scissors. Susan squashed Dylan's waist between her crushing thighs, really punishing him. She kept the pressure on until he was squirming helplessly, between her legs. Then Susan slipped her hand in Dylan's underpants and started to abuse his balls. Susan continued her dual assault on Dylan's upper body and balls, really making him suffer. Dylan was forced to submit. Accepting Dylan's submission, Susan let go of his balls, but kept him in the body scissors and invited Roger for some double teaming. Susan told roger to get Dylan's briefs off, as it was time for him to get a TKO for them. Roger yanked off Dylan's underpants and and grabbed and yanked hard on hard, on his hard throbbing, cock going for a TKO, by forced ejaculation. Susan would have wanked Dylan's cock herself, but thought it more embarrassing, if another boy did it, in front of her and Brett. It didn't take long before Roger made Dylan cum and Susan told him to make sure he drained Dylan dry.

As Dylan was drained dry and exhausted, Susan finally allowed him to tag with Brett. Brett didn't wait, but attacked Susan straight away. Showing the same speed he had used earlier in the day, Brett jumped on Susan and knocked her down. When Susan told Brett that she wasn't ready and Roger had not said start yet, as Brett struggled to pin Susan's arms down. Brett told her that as she had told him earlier, there were no rules in girls wrestling. As Brett continued to try and pin Susan she lurched up and threw Brett off, flipping him over her head. Nice try dweeb, Susan told Brett as he got to his knees. When Brett charged again Susan blocked him with her shoulder, so his chest slammed into her shoulder. The impact of the body check, slightly winded Brett allowing Susan to grab his shoulders. Susan drove her knee into Brett's balls, thanking him for reminding her their were no rules, as he crumpled to the carpet. Susan rolled Brett onto his back, he was still clutching his aching balls and moaning. She sat behind his head and trapped his head in between her thighs. Susan crushed Brett's head between her solid thighs, making him squirm helplessly. The knee to the balls had winded him and it was quite some time before he got his voice back and was able to submit.

Susan kept Brett in the head scissor and continued to crush his head until, he clawed weakly at her solid thighs. Susan grabbed Brett's arms and stretched them out tight, over his head, adding to his suffering. She got another submission quite quickly from Brett. Susan invited Roger for some more double teaming and told Roger to punch Brett in the balls and knacker him. Roger eagerly punched and knackered Brett's balls making him groan in agony. Roger ignored Brett's repeated submissions, until Susan told him to stop and get Brett's boxers off, so she could see how red his balls were. Susan then tagged Roger and told him to get a submission from Brett. Brett grabbed his balls and rolled over onto his belly, when Susan released his head. Roger climbed on Brett's back facing his feet and trapped Brett in a Boston crab. Roger applied the Boston, as hard as he could, but still couldn't get Brett to submit, until Susan suggested he use his body weight, as a counter balance, to apply the hold even harder. The extra pressure worked and Roger made Brett submit, but Roger didn't not free him from the Boston. Roger clamped Brett's legs under his arms, freeing his hands. Roger grabbed and squeezed Brett's balls hard, until he made Brett submit again. Susan was pleased with Roger for getting two submissions and joined him, for some more double teaming. Susan took over abusing Brett's balls and quickly got another submission. Susan and Roger had won the tag wrestling, it was now time for her to decide Brett and Dylan's forfeit for losing.

Roger and Susan lay Brett on her bed and handcuffed Brett to her bed stead. They then lay Dylan on Roger's bed and handcuffed him, to the bed stead. Susan and Roger slipped on their boxing gloves and Susan climbed on top of Brett and Roger climbed on Dylan's chest. Brett and Dylan's naked bodies, were now completed exposed and defenceless. Susan punched Brett's head till she made blood trickle, from his nose, then pounded his belly. Susan then grabbed and squeezed Brett's hard excited cock, with her gloves and wanked him mercilessly, until he begged her to make him cum. Then she started to tap Brett''s balls with her gloves, while wanking his cock, until she made him cum. Roger pounded Dylan's belly with his gloves. Then a few hard punches to Dylan's solar plexus winded him. Next Roger started to bounced up and down, on Dylan, driving his bum into Dylan's belly. Roger climbed higher up onto Dylan;s chest and pressed his bulging briefs, into Dylan's face, smothering Dylan, with his hard cock. Roger kept the crotch smother on, until till Dylan passed out. Roger turned round to face Dylan's feet and lay full length on top of him. Roger trapped Dylan's head in a reverse head scissors and waited for him to come round.

Although Dylan was out cold his cock stayed hard and Roger squeezed and stroked it, with his boxing gloves. Roger used the thumb of his boxing glove, to tease Dylan's balls and perineum. When Dylan came round, Roger squeezed his head harder and continued to play with his cock and balls, intent of making Dylan ejaculate. Tt didn't take long before, he pushed Dylan over the edge and made him cum. Roger continued to wank Dylan's cock, ensuring Dylan had a long draining ejaculation. The intensity of his forced ejaculation made Dylan pass out again and Roger left him lying on his bed. Susan congratulated Roger on what he had just done to Dylan and Roger saw by the state of Brett, that Susan had been equally merciless with him. Susan released Brett's arms and told him to have a shower. when he didn't move, she rolled him over and spanked his naked arse to encourage him. After Brett had stumbled down to the shower, Susan and Roger brought Dylan round and freed him as well. They left him lying on Roger's bed to recover before his shower.

To pass the time while they waited for Brett to return and as they were both so excited Susan decided to practice some holds on Roger. She made him lay on her bed and then she got on top of him. Susan started with a school boy pin and would not let Roger resist or struggle, until she had him well pinned. Roger struggled, as hard as he could, but only wore himself out. When Roger's struggles weakened, Susan grabbed and squeezed his hard excited cock. Susan kept Roger on the brink of ejaculation, but he some how managed to resist and lasted nearly half an hour, until Brett returned from the shower. As he was very weary, Brett retrieved his boxer shorts and went to bed. Susan gave Roger a short break while she woke Dylan and sent him down for a shower. When Dylan had gone Susan re-applied the school boy pin and grabbed Roger's hard excited cock. Susan squeezed Roger's cock again, pushing him towards ejaculation. She then changed the schoolboy pin, to a crotch smother. Susan knew, having Roger smothered and unable to breathe, would make him ejaculate, but she wasn't going to let him off that easily. Susan freed Roger and ordered him to turn over and face the other way.

Susan sat on Roger's back pressing his hard excited cock into the bed and applied a camel clutch. Susan worked Roger's neck, shoulders and lower back, over with the camel clutch, stretching him and raising his upper body, high off the bed, while pressing his hard excited cock into the bed. Susan released Roger from the camel clutch and applied a double reverse arms stretch. using it to work his arms and lower back this time, stretching him and raising his upper body off the bed. Susan pushed Roger to the brink of ejaculation again, then released him. Susan got off the bed and moved the carpet and waited for Roger to crawl there. Susan trapped Roger in a cross knee back breaker, punishing his already abused and aching back, mercilessly, pushing him to the brink of ejaculation again. This time Susan did not stop and made Roger ejaculate helplessly. Susan left Roger lying spent and exhausted on the carpet and went and lay on her bed to wait for Dylan to return. Roger was still lying there five minutes later, when Dylan returned. Susan stripped and headed for the shower and a very weary Dylan dressed and staggered down stairs to go home to bed. More great mixed and male wrestling action wrestling, with males suffering at the sadist hands of a dominant girl, even being made cum helplessly, by her and by other males. Great wrestling and domination action. €5.00





















60 The tough girl part 3 birth of the black widow. Zack was eager to meet up and wrestle Sharon competitively in the mat room, but no Saturdays were free, but found free spot on a Friday evening. Initially Sharon could not make that Friday evening time slot, as she was due to meet Marcus one of Zack's male wrestling partners on the Saturday morning. But she quickly agreed when Zack offered to put her up for the evening, to save the expense of two train trips to London. Sharon told Zack she had new Doc Martin boots she wanted to try out as part of her uniform, to become the black widow. Zack knew that Sharon wanted a black singlet to complete her black widow uniform, so he decided to give her, a black singlet of his own, very close to what she was looking for. Sharon was pleased with her new boots and Zack's singlet and that the black widow had now been born.

Sharon celebrated the birth of the black widow by giving Zack the toughest wrestling work over he had, ever had. Tt was the black widow female heel, verses Zack the male jobber in white boots and speedos. Tt was a complete female on male work over and squash job. Sharon as the black widow really made Zack suffer both physically and sexually, with numerous brutal, sadistic and erotic holds and pins. The black widow took multiple submission from Zack really punishing him physically and sexually. Zack had unwittingly created a monster who turned on him and devoured him. Much more great female on male brutal physical and erotic action with the male suffering at the hands of tough dominant female the black widow kicking male arse. €3.00