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Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Manflesh 

Manflesh is one of my favourite artists and I can't resist giving him a more extended review than usual. He draws the most delicious, hunky men in capture and kidnap situations where they are tormented and abused, physically and sexually.


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Source of the text and manflesh images posted by Hayden for his part 2 of Hayden's wheels of sisyphus. Hayden's text was used as a basis, for for new manflesh version, of Hayden's wheels of sisiyphus. The aqua dude site also contains more examples of manflesh artwork. Also many other great gay artists. 


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The Toon Art of Manflesh 

Daddy's tribute to Manflesh art work 


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'battle-annals mixed fighting stories extracts' 
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1. Matt gets taught his place on the train. mixed fight on a train between a yob and his girl friend. Violent battle of the sexes. 2.50



















2. Two louts get scragged. Two teenage thugs get a taste of their own medicine. From their young female victim and her older female rescuer 2.00


















3. Domestic boxing and wrestling part 1. Mixed, and female v female, male v male action. Centred round a female fighting club. Very graphic action. 3.50

















4. Domestic boxing and wrestling part two. The tough violent action continues. 3.00

















5. Duped male part 1. Hapless male gets drawn into female fight scene by new girl friend. Mixed and female v female action. Features violent and sexual abuse particularly of the male. 3.50


















6. Shadows of the past part 1. Mixed, female v female wrestling and boxing. Tough female action and violent physical and sexual abuse of the male. 4.00

















7. Shadows of the past part 2. The epic battle of the sexes started in part 1 continues. more wrestling boxing and kick boxing action. Even more ways for males to be humiliated. 3.00
















8. Shadows of the past part 3. More males suffer at the hands of the deadly female duo. More physical and sexual abuse of the male. 4.50

















9. Computer aided wrestling part 1. Mixed action in the form of a wrestling endurance match, where blows are selected via computer program. Mark and Alan suffer at the hands of Mark’s wife Amanda as they try out the new idea. 2.50


















10. Computer aided wrestling part 2. The story continues with another woman Anne joining the trio. They try out the female v female and male v male versions. Male and female action. 1.50



















11. Computer aided wrestling part 3. Mark suffers a double beating from Anne and Amanda. Anne takes part in a special grudge match with her brother. Tough wicked sexy action. 4.50



















12. Mixed fortunes. Mixed teenage wrestling. Hot horny and sexy action with the boys coming off much worst. 3.50


















13. Catfite part 1. Female v female action and male v male action. Two jealous females fight each other after working their boy friends up and making them fight. 3.50
















14. Mallorcan escapades part 2. More hot and horny holiday action from the fighting foursome. Sexy violent exchanges mixed fighting also female v female and male v male. 3.50 (part one available as illustrated story book see mixed illustrated list)


















15. Squirt. Mixed teenage wrestling and boxing. Teenage boy gets painful and sexy comeuppance. at the hands of tom boy cousin he used to bully. 3.00


Story extract available to read, on the battle annals mixed fighting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page. 



















16. Unexpected surprise. Two husbands are tricked into wrestling each other by their wives after watching their wives wrestle. 2.00


















17. Shadows of the past part 4. More violent boxing and kick boxing action. Jeff gets double beating at the hands of Samantha and Jenny. 4.50

















18. Catfite part 2. The girls make the boys fight again. Then decide to train to fight a marathon battle. Mixed and male action. 4.50



















19. Catfite part 3. With the long hard training over, the epic female battle begins. Long hard sexy female fight with the loser forced to orgasm. Mixed and female action. 4.50



















20. Mexican maelstrom part 1. The adventures of an English tourist in Mexico. Male tourist is kidnapped and forced to fight Mexican guy and his violent girl friend. Mixed and male action with lost of physical and sexual abuse. 3.50


















21. Day trip to adversity. Two English school girls and their older brother are attacked by two gypsy girls on a day trip into Yugoslavia. Good female v female action plus mixed fighting. The three teenagers are robbed and stripped by the gypsy girls. €4.00




















22. Shadows of the past part 5. The tough sexy wrestling, boxing and kick boxing action continues. Samantha, Jenny and Gary take a trip to Wayne and Richard’s country house. They take on the two brothers and their girl friends. Good hard sexy female and mixed action. €4.00
















23. Duped male part 2. Richard suffers much more abuse at the hands of Judy and Gemma. Tough violent and sexy mixed action. As the single male suffers at the hands of two tough sexy females. €3.50


















24. Challenge accepted part 1. Wrestling correspondence between two male wrestlers, leads to a challenge being issued and accepted. The guys meet and have a hard exciting graphic battle. Hard male action in long tough sexy cock fight. €5.00



















25. Challenge accepted part 2. The two male wrestlers suffer at the hands of their girl friends ouch! They then meet again for another hard and horny cock fight. Where they arrange for their girl friends to have a match. €5.00

















26. Challenge accepted part 3. The two couples come together for some very tough sexy action. Exciting mixed, female and male action. Stunning cock and cat fights sex wrestling at its best. You will enjoy reading this story, as these four sexy wrestlers tear each other apart. €5.00

















27. The three ages of a dominant woman. part 1 the awakening. A young teenage girl witnesses her parents fighting naked in the basement of her house. She sees her mother beat and dominate her father. That experience changes the girls life forever. She decides to be like her mother and dominate the males in her life from then on. The girl starts with her younger brother. Tough mixed action with physical and sexual abuse of the male. €4.00


















28. The three ages of a dominant woman part 2. The coming of age. An older and more capable teenager girl now fights and beats boys at her school. Together with other girls she forms a girls fighting club. The new club members beat and intimidate the boys at their school. Graphic mixed action with the boys being humiliated physically and sexually. €4.00



















29. The three ages of a dominant part 3 mastery. Melissa now eighteen finds her husband, ensnares and marries him. Enjoy the slow deliberate seduction of Dale Melissa’s husband, as she slowly dominates him. It concludes after a torrid affair in a battle of the sexes in the basement of their new home. Read how Melissa achieves mastery over Dale. Hard mixed action with the female in the dominant role. €4.00


















30. Extracts from the diary of an American business man. An american business man recalls his time in London, as a teenage in the 1970’s. How he wrestled with older women and a girl his own age. Mixed wrestling with equal give and take action. €4.50

















31. When past thoughts spring to mind. The exploits of a teenage American wrestler in London. The exploits of this teenage wrestler, as he grows up in London. Mixed wrestling action, as he wrestles with a variety of girls and older women. Light sexy mixed wrestling action. €5.00

















32. Mallorcan escapades part three. Read about what happens two our wrestling four some, when they meet to Spanish sisters and their bother, who live in the next villa. Lots of mixed female and male action. Sexy graphic wrestling at its best. €5.00


Story extract available to read, on the battle annals mixed fighting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.




















33 Balearic battles. A catfite enthusiast and his friend go on holiday to Mallorca. They meet four girls two from Manchester and two from London. They witness a series of catfites, between the northern and southern girls. They also see the northern girls wrestle and dominate, a young blond guy. They end their perfect holiday, wrestling both northern girls. Good tough and sexy catfighting action, also good mixed action with the guys being worked over by the two northern girls. €5.00



















34. Boys wrestling team v the girls wrestling team. (battle of the sexes teen style). St Marys high school boys and girls wrestling teams, are given an ultimatum, that one of the teams must disband. The two teams have to battle it out, to see which team will be the one to continue. Both teams pick one member, to settle the matter. Boy wrestler v girl wrestler, in a long tough sexy mixed action. During the heat of the match wrestling gear is bet, as an extra stake. The two excited wrestlers explore each other bodies, as they force several painful submissions from each other. The girl wrestler wins, after along hard battle. €5.00


















35. Computer aided wrestling part 4 double trouble. Mark suffers another double teaming endurance match against Anne and Amanda. Amanda writes a new program to let her and Anne both work Mark over. Mark agrees to the game and the two women really work him over until he surrenders. They then double team him some more, making him service them with his tongue. While they wickedly make him cum again and again. Tough brutal action with the male being physically and sexual abused. €5.00.



















36. Recollections of mixed wrestling part 1 school days. Greg, an American, looks back to his childhood spent in England, and the mixed wrestling adventures he had. Greg relates his wrestling experiences with girls and older women. €5.00 


















37. Recollections of mixed wrestling part 2 university days. Greg’s wrestling adventures continue when he goes to university. He remembers the fun he had wrestling other students older and younger than himself. €5.00

















38. Mixed grudge match part 1. A brutal mixed tag match. Pretty boy Steve Becks and nasty boy Steve Devine, interfere with a rival promoters female tag team and cause them to lose an important match.

The female tag team, Lisa Hosaka and rocking Kelly Paradise plot revenge for their defeat. they trick ‘pretty and nasty’ into accepting their challenge a mixed nhb match to the girls rules and conditions.

Pretty and nasty take on Lisa Hosaka and rocking Kelly Paradise in a rigged match. The men suffer at the hands of their female opponents, in the brutal first round. Tough brutal nhb fighting, with no quarter. The guys are abused physically and sexual, in the tough battle of the sexes. They have to endure painful and humiliating forfeits when they lose. €5.00

















39. Mixed grudge match part two. Round two of the brutal nhb mixed tag match. Pretty boy Steve Devine and nasty boy Steve Becks didn’t do very well in the first round taking a good pasting. They fare little better in round two, taking another vicious pasting. More humiliation and abuse follows their defeat, at the hands of their opponents and the other female wrestlers in the audience. The males suffer abuse while tied naked in the ropes. As the female wrestlers in the audience join in on the fun. €5.00

















40. Mixed grudge match part three. Round three of the brutal nhb mixed tag match. Pretty boy Steve Devine and nasty boy Steve Becks took another severe hammering in round two, of this epic and vicious, mixed tag match. They are bested again by Lisa Hosaka and rocking Kelly Paradise. The girls really work the two male wrestlers over, in the final round. There is more audience participation, resulting in humiliation and suffering, for the two male wrestlers. Pretty boy Steve Devine and nasty boy Steve Becks are beaten into the ground by the females and them some more. Plenty of body breaking and ball busting action, as the to males are destroyed by their female opponents. €5.00



















41. The peril of a wrestling author. Friar gets worked over by Meryl, after co-writing a fictional match, between her and consort’s US champion Jeannie. Meryl was not happy at losing, even in a fictional match and asked Friar to write a rematch and to make sure she beat Jeannie, this time. Friar agreed but never got round to writing it so Meryl called on Friar to persuade him to write the re-match. Meryl worked Friar over well, making him suffer a humiliating defeat. Good mixed action with Meryl punishing Friar, with lots or cruel, painful and humiliating holds. €4.00



















42. An evening of sexy mixed wrestling at a London co-ed wrestling club part 1. The LCWC arranged a celebration mixed wrestling tournament, to celebrate its ten year history. They arranged a mixed tournament between 10 male and 7 female wrestlers, of varying ages and experience. The tournament was recorded on video and shown live on the internet. Tough mixed sexy action with both sides giving and taking. Wrestlers were allowed to strip and make their opponents cum, to score more points. After a long gruelling sexy and sometimes brutal battle, with the men’s team taking the lead, in the first few bouts. The women’s team makes a come back in the next two matches, to take the lead at the interval. First part of a long story about a tough battle of the sexes, continued in story no 43. €5.00

Story extract available to read, on the battle annals mixed fighting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.


















43. An evening of sexy mixed wrestling at a London co-ed wrestling club part 2. The tough sexy mixed wrestling tournament, continues after the interval. The men’s team are trailing the woman’s team, as the second half starts. The men fight back to regain the lead, only to have it snatched away, at the end. After a long gruelling sexy and sometimes brutal battle. The women’s team triumphs in the end, against the odds, to beat the men’s team convincingly. A great conclusion to a long story about a tough battle of the sexes. €5.00



















44. Boys wrestling team v the girls wrestling team. (battle of the sexes teen style) part two. In part one Julie Brookes for the girls team beat Mark Noble for the boys team, in match arranged to see which team would be the new team, for the school, as there could only be one. Instead of disbanding the boys team it was decided to form a co-ed team. So St Marys high school for boys and girls now has a co-ed wrestling team. They arrange a tournament at the next training evening, to decide who from the boys and girls junior and senior teams, would be in the new co-ed teams. Some tough mixed matches decided the new team members. Tough mixed action with boys and girls suffering alike. €5.00

















45. Demise of the male only fighting club. The round house fighting club in London was strictly male only, no females welcome. They boasted about male superiority and female inferiority. The club challenged any female who thought that they were capable of joining the club, to pass the test of fighting three matches, on the same night. The female challenger had to fight and beat a wrestler a boxer and a kick boxer.

A tough experience street fight, American female, fighter answered the challenge and agreed to fight, the three matches. She even upped the anti with the club’s founder, a world champion kick boxer to a death match between them.

The female challenger easily beat the wrestler and really punished the man, so he has to be carried out of the ring on a stretcher. She wins the second match beating the boxer to bloody bruised and broken pulp, leaving him out cold in the ring. The female challenger is spectacularly victorious in the last match the kick boxing match. She kicks and punches the clubs founder and champion kick boxer, to death in the ring. She really makes him suffer, before finally killing him. Tough brutal and bloody mixed fighting action with female, giving the males hell. €5.00


















46. The UK magnificent and mean mixed wrestling tournament book 1 the battle begins. Richard Drayfuss the organiser of mixed grudge match, stories 42, 43, and 45 and the two female wrestlers, Lisa Hosaka and rocking Kelly Paradise, organise a mixed wrestling tournament in the UK. It will be shown live on the web, just like mixed grudge match was. The UK magnificent and mean mixed wrestling tournament pits a female wrestling team against, a male wrestling team, in an all in, nhb, mixed wrestling tournament.

Viewers on-line can vote from a list of match options, also choosing wrestlers attire. Rules are the same as in mixed grudge match. One point for a submission or pin, two points for a KO, and three points for a TKO (forced ejaculation) with one point deducted from the losing team. The first part involves a naked mixed nhb match between the two team captains Mark Meadows the Macedonian warrior, v Lisa Hosaka. Tough mixed sexy action with the male wrestler suffering physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his female opponent. Its a long, hard, exciting match, with the male wrestler being beaten and forced to endure a forfeit. €5.00



















47. The UK magnificent and mean mixed wrestling tournament book 2 the battle continues. Book two continues where book 1 (story 46) left off. The aftermath of the exciting naked captain's match. The list of match options is voted on again and this time a nhb mixed chain match, in skimpy thongs and boots is chosen. Wrestlers can and do use the chain, as a weapon, against each other. Wayne Harris the street brawler takes on rocking Kelly Paradise. A tough brutal mixed battle of attrition takes place with both wrestlers winning and concede points. Wayne the street brawler is stripped of his thong early on in the match and battles on naked, to be defeated by rocking Kelly Paradise. He suffers lots of physical and sexual abuse at Kelly’s hands.

The third match chosen is the toughest or most experienced female wrestler v youngest or least experienced male wrestler. This match pits a young seventeen year old male wrestler Ross Curtis pocket battle boy against Rhoda an older and much more experienced beautiful but deadly black female wrestler. Tts an all in, nhb annihilation match. Ross wrestles in black thin briefs and boots. Rhoda wrestles in red leather studded bra and panties, red leather, calf high boots with pointed toes and spiked heels. Red leather studded knee pads, and red leather studded ninja gloves.

Rhoda dominates the match from the very start really working Ross the pocket battle boy over. Ross suffers physical and sexual defeat against Rhoda the superior female wrestler. He suffers several forced ejaculations a TKO and numerous KO’s as Rhoda played with her younger, weaker, defeated, male opponent. Two, rough, tough, sexy matches, with the male wrestlers coming off worst. €5.00