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Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Manflesh 

Manflesh is one of my favourite artists and I can't resist giving him a more extended review than usual. He draws the most delicious, hunky men in capture and kidnap situations where they are tormented and abused, physically and sexually.


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Source of the text and manflesh images posted by Hayden for his part 2 of Hayden's wheels of sisyphus. Hayden's text was used as a basis, for for new manflesh version, of Hayden's wheels of sisiyphus. The aqua dude site also contains more examples of manflesh artwork. Also many other great gay artists. 


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The Toon Art of Manflesh 

Daddy's tribute to Manflesh art work 


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1 Apprentice ball buster book 2 recollections of female bustings. Gary, James's electrical and ball busting apprentice, told James about his fist busting experience with a girl named Lucy. What started of as a gut punching game with Lucy ended up a hard ball busting session for Gary, suffering at the hands of the sadistic girl. Gary was made to cum several times while suffering some heavy ball punishment. James told his apprentice of how he was stripped bound and abused by two middle aged women Tina and Beryl in the factory. How they subjected his naked body to fist pummelling, and spanking with a flip flop to the body and balls. James suffered along and painful punishment session with Tina and Beryl, repeated ball draining and punishment. Painful and erotic punishment of the male body and balls by sadist females. 5.00




















2 Blond ball buster. John a teenage boy meets Vera teenage girl at a disco. When they go outside to snog instead of snogging, Vera knees him in the balls and beats and humiliates him at wrestling, giving him more ball abuse. Vera then tells him that they used to wrestle and fight at junior school and she used to knacker him when she won. That brought a lot painful but exciting memories back to John. John agreed to a rematch at his house on the following Monday afternoon. Yhey wrestled hard but Vera managed to beat and strip John, giving him more ball abuse. They then meet regularly on Mondays up to the summer holidays for more wrestling and ball busting play when John goes on holiday with his parents for two weeks.

John agreed to meet Vera on the following Monday after his return from holiday but had to work late and missed the meeting. John was confronted by an angry Vera and agreed to meet her in his lunch break. Vera gave John a good beating and work over, with lots of ball busting and knackering. Good teenage female physical and sexual abuse of a male with plenty of ball abuse. 4.00


Story extract available to read, on the battle annals ball busting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.




















3 Female on male ball busting short story collection 1. Featuring teenage ball busting crusade and the first but certainly not the last.

1 Teenage ball busting crusade. Jay a teenage boy, was a bit of a loner, was surprised when two girls from his class invited him back to one of their flats for coffee, as they hardly ever looked at him, at school. However Jay soon found out what what Tessa and Tina have install for him, when they get to Tessa's flat. Tessa and Tina have always fantasised about hitting a boy in the balls and their first victim was going to be Jay, a boy in their class. They talked Jay into going to Tessa's flat for coffee and a chat, but when they get him there they start to hit him in balls. They over power Jay with blows to the balls then get him in a chair. While one held his arms behind the chair, the other sat on his lap and slapped and squeezed Jay's balls. They swapped places, getting sadistic pleasure out of Jay's suffering. Jay couldn't believe what is happening, as two girls from his class take turns to abuse his balls, really making him suffer. To Jay's surprise his cock gets hard and to his horror he realises he was enjoying the abuse.

Tessa and Tina were surprised and delighted to see Jay is hard and obviously enjoying his suffering. They are so turned on by his and their own arousal, at their abuse of Jay's helpless balls. Tessa when she swaps places with Tina to abuse Jay's balls again, starts to punch them punishing Jay's balls even harder. When she finishes, Jay was in so much pain. he fell off the chair to the floor. The girls drop to the floor beside Jay and Tessa secures his hands leaving Tina to punch and squeeze his already badly aching balls. Satisfied and elated with their first balls busting adventure, the girls throw Jay out of the flat and go in search of another boy to abuse deciding that Jay was only the first victim in their teenage ball busting crusade. More good teenage female physical and sexual abuse of a male, with plenty of ball abuse.

2 The first but certainly not the last. Bruce a mature male ball busting fan, always looking for more ball busting fun with other men and women, had been chatting for some time with Janice, a teenage female into ball busting. To Bruce's surprise and delight Janice wants to ball bust much older men and after weeks of chatting about it, Janice made Bruce strip to his underpants on web cam and bust his balls for her. Shortly after that Janice invited Bruce to her flat for a ball busting session. Janice didn't waste any time giving Bruce a couple of hard punches in the balls. Then she tried some kicks out, on his balls, with his legs open, in front and from behind. Satisfied, Bruce really was into ball busting, she made him strip to his underpants and really went to work on his balls. Janice made Bruce lay against the couch she was sitting on with his legs wide, either side of her thighs. From this comfortable position, she was able to punch and squeeze Bruce's balls as much as she liked, really punishing them and making him suffer.

Janice was so excited at punishing a man's balls old enough to be her father and sparred him not mercy. Bruce was also excited, at being so badly abused, by a girl young enough to be his daughter. Janice got Bruce to lower his underpants, to see how red and swollen his balls were. They were both highly aroused when they saw how red and swollen his balls were. Janice was impressed, at how Bruce let her abuse his balls without trying to stop her, even when she started on his red swollen balls again. As a reward Janice allowed Bruce to bring himself off to relieve the pressure in his highly aroused cock. Highly aroused after for filling a fantasy of her's, Janice decided to try another and ordered Bruce to lay face down naked across her lap. She then spanked Bruce's arse until it was bright red and very sore. Another thing she had always wanted to do to man Bruce's age. Bruce's cock got rock hard, as she spanked him and she brought him off, as another reward for letting him do what she wanted to him. Janice had so enjoyed the session with Bruce her first proper balls busting session with an older man, that she vowed it would not be her last. Heavy female on male ball busting action, young female abusing mature male balls. 4.00



Story extract available to read, on the battle annals ball busting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.


















4 Female on male ball busting short story collection 2. Featuring kick boxer's demo goes west and aunties cbt obedience lessons both with five colour action photos.

1 Kick boxer's demo goes west. Budding kick boxer Max was practicing high kicks and stretching in a park with his friend Colin, when they were noticed by two girls Mary and Anne, who stopped to watch them. Impressed with how high and wide Max could kick and stretch, Mary and Anne invited, Max and Colin back to their flat, to continue his practice and demonstration. The boys thought their luck was in, but Mary and Anne had others things planned for Max.

At the flat Max continued his practice and demonstration and even agreed to Anne helping him with the stretching and high kicking instead of Colin. Mary wanted to know just how high Max could kick and how wide he could stretch. Max was happy to oblige impressing Mary again, who couldn't help commenting on how vulnerable the high kicks and wide spread position left him. Mary started to tease Max about kicking him the balls when he was like that, even going through the motions with her foot raised between his wide spread legs. It was too much of a temptation for Mary and she kicked Max in the balls, knowing Anne was in on the plan and would not let Max lower or close his legs. Things went rapidly down hill for Max with Mary giving him more kicks in the balls that he was unable to prevent. Mary then gave Max repeated kicks in the balls until he collapsed and passed out from the pain. But his ordeal was far from over.

While he was still out Max's legs were spread wide and Anne took the opportunity to kick him in the balls. She kept kicking him in the balls until he came round then continued with non stop kicks until Mary was ready to take over again. Anne trapped Max's head in a head scissors to keep him from moving while Mary gave his balls even more kicks. To add insult to injury they pulled Max's jogging bottoms and boxer shorts down to inspect their handy work, laughing at Max's swollen and black and blue balls, before throwing both boy sought of their flat. Hard sadistic female on male ball busting action, with four colour action photos.

2 Aunties cbt obedience lessons. Jack a surely, lazy teenager, was left at home while his parents went on holiday. His mother had asked her sister Jessica to keep an eye on Jack while they were away. When Jessica checked Jack on the Sunday afternoon, she found him asleep on the couch and the house in a right mess, even though his parents had only left the day before. Angry, Jessica woke Jack up and demanded he clean the house up. She got even more angry when he arrogantly refused to do it and she decided to teach him a lesson.

Jessica grabbed and squeezed Jack balls and then climbed on top of him on the couch and continued to abuse his balls. She had been told by her sister how lazy and arrogant Jack was, so she had come prepared. Jessica used the hand cuffs she had brought with her to secure Jack's hands, then she pulled his trousers down and actually laughed when she saw how small his cock was. Then she started to tease and abuse his cock and balls sneering at how hard his little cock got, making him blush with embarrassment, until he agreed to clean the lounge.

Once jack had cleaned the lounge she asked to start on the kitchen. When he moaned and refused to do it Jessica was forced to give Jack another painful lesson in obedience on the couch. Jack's trousers were pulled down and she continued to abuse his cock and balls remarking at how he got hard even quicker, making him blush even more. When the pain got too much Jack agreed to clean the kitchen. When he had finished, Jessica was going to get him to clean his bedroom but Jack wanted to watch football, first so he received another painful and embarrassing cbt obedience lesson from Jessica. Jessica then intended to get Jack to use the washing machine to wash all his dirty clothes. When her refused telling her it was women's work she really lost her temper, kneeing Jack in the balls and throwing him onto the couch.

This time Jessica completely removed Jack's trousers and used her hand and feet to tease and abuse his cock and balls until she had him on the brink of ejaculation. Jessica ignored his pleas to stop and made him ejaculate. She then put Jack over her knee and spanked his bare buttocks, as his final lesson in obedience. Hot older female on younger male ball teasing and abuse, with five action photos. €6.00 




















5 The Sperm Count Deductor. Melissa, the Sperm Count Deductor was running an experiment, with two young teenage boys, into ball busting. Her experiment involved the two boys Dirk, his on line ball busting non de plume, My Balls or Your balls, and William, his on line ball busting non de plume, I'll Risk My balls, them busting each other balls, in games of chance, to see what effect it had on their sperm count. She had a theory, that trauma to the male testicles, would lower that males sperm count. Melissa's experiment, via ball busting games of chance, seemed to be proving her theory. But the make sure she decided she needed an older male, to take part in the experiment. She found the ideal candidate in Jim whose, on line ball busting non de plume, was Tough Old Balls. She informed Jim all about of her ball busting games of chance, with Dirk and William, that she ran via the Internet, and told Jim, she wanted him to join them. Jim an avid, much older, ball busting enthusiast, in his sixties, liked the idea and agreed to join her experiment. So the next time Melissa ran her ball busting experiment game, she invited Jim to be part of it.

Jim joined Dirk and William, at the apartment, where the ball busting experimental games took place. As usual Melissa ran things via the Internet, using cameras and a large monitor, to communicate with the participants, also to watch and record the events. The participants played the game in just there underpants and used, soft dense, rubber balls, in socks, to bust each other balls. Who got busted was decided by the turn of cards. Melissa controlled the choice of cards, outside of the view of the participants. She let them believe, the card selections, were random, but she carefully controlled the card selections, to make particular participants, suffer more than the others. As it was Jim's first game she decided to make him suffer much more, than Dirk or William. Jim claimed, he liked ball busting and the pain and could endure a lot, she was going to test that claim. Also up until then, she had been making William's balls, suffer more than Dirk's and his sperm count had lowered, significantly more, than Dirk's. This time, she was going to push Dirk's balls, to the breaking point, while not being overly kind to William's balls.

She pushed all three players to their limits and Jim and Dirk beyond. She made Jim's balls really suffer and he proved, not only that he liked the pain, but that he could take it as well. But that was not good enough for Melissa, she pushed Jim beyond his breaking point and made him retire early from the game, invoking a penalty. His penalty was to be whacked in the cock and balls, by Dirk and William, until he cum. As Jim's balls has suffered too much abuse already, it didn't take long for Dirk and William, to make him cum. The game then carried on to see who would be the winner, but Melissa had already decided, it would to Dirk. She upped the stakes, when just Dirk and William played on, from a whack in the balls for the loser, to a whack in the balls and a whack to their cock. Melissa made sure that Dirk lost almost every game after that, until he took so many painful whacks, he cum as well, forfeiting the game.

Melissa was well pleased with the result of her latest experimental, ball busting, games. The results, from the participants samples, showed that Dirk's sperm count, was now lower than William's, which was also lower than his last sample. The game had also lowered Jim sperm count, helping to prove her theory. Melissa was very pleased and still had more painful sessions in line for their three male participants. She was well named as the Sperm Count Deductor. Hot and intense male on male ball busting action, under the control of a sadistic female. € 4.00 



















6 How he came to crave heavy ball abuse inflicted by women. Jack was an eighteen year old apprentice fitter, he was short and slim with dark hair and looked younger then his age. Jack had always been into ball busting, abusing other boys balls and having his balls abused by other boys. At school and more recently with some younger boys in hi street. The two younger boys had seemed to go off Jack and he could never find them in for some ball busting fun. It was when he called at John's house one the two younger boys to see if he was in, that he met his much older sister Janet. Meeting Janet changed his life, and his ball busting preferences. Before he met Janet it has always been with other boys. But after Janet introduced him to having his balls abused by a females, he was hooked for life.

At their first meeting Janet coerced Jack into some wrestling. She challenged him to strip poker and if he lost he would have to wrestle her. Janet was not only older then Jack but much bigger, heavier and stronger. Janet quickly stripped Jack to his underpants and and him wrestle her. He real gave him a tough time wrestling him making him suffer in painful and humiliating hold and pins. She was also merciless with his cock and balls. Jack could not remember Janet, but she could remember him and all his ball busting games with James her younger brother who was Jack's age and she told him so. He was shocked but started to remember her. She had left when James joined the army to get away from her and he abusing of his balls. It was James who had got Jack into ball busting play. She delighted, in telling Jack that she had started James love of ball busting games, but he ran off to the army, when they became to intense for him. After James left, Janet found older men to abuse their ball who appreciated it more and paid her handsomely for the privilege. But now she was looking for a younger male to abuse again and that would be Jack. Janet gave Jack such a hard time wresting she left him unconscious, allowing her to make a copy of his front door key.

Janet had more painful sessions with Jack in her house, abusing cock and balls and the rest of his body, on her slow steady mission to make him submit to her totally. Then she started visiting him in his house on Saturday mornings, when he was only to continue their sessions. She put Jack through even more painful and humiliating sessions slowly submitting him to her will. Although she was really making Jack suffer just like her older male client,s he seemed to love it just like her bother James until he absconded to the army. She kept upping the anti increasing Jack suffering until she knew she had broken him and made him totally submissive to her. She made Jack agree to be her slave and let her do anything she wanted to his body. Janet abused Jack mercilessly until she tire with him and passed him on to one her female dominant friends. That was how Jack became a submissive to cruel female dominants. How he came to crave heavy ball abuse from females and it was Janet who started him on the long and painful road.

Heavy physical and sexual abuse, of a male submissive at the hands, of a sadistic female dominant. € 4