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Manflesh is one of my favourite artists and I can't resist giving him a more extended review than usual. He draws the most delicious, hunky men in capture and kidnap situations where they are tormented and abused, physically and sexually.


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Source of the text and manflesh images posted by Hayden for his part 2 of Hayden's wheels of sisyphus. Hayden's text was used as a basis, for for new manflesh version, of Hayden's wheels of sisiyphus. The aqua dude site also contains more examples of manflesh artwork. Also many other great gay artists. 


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1. Cornerman female wrestling compendium 1. Featuring 12 short stories introduced by the author Cornerman. Miss Kristine Katt is the alter-ego of a wonderful; lady who liked wrestling and started her career in East Anglia in the 1970’s before moving to the Midlands. The character was developed after she was introduced in Swish magazines, regularly appearing in FGM & her own special. She’s a light-weight, petite, long haired, brunette with a nice 36B-26-38 figure, athletic & strong who also took up boxing, during the years in Swish. This comeback arose when she was silly enough to think her boxing skills meant she could face a girl in MMA style fighting which was a disaster but it made her hanker for the wrestling ring again. Having left the main circuit, she now works on the various club rounds, good, bad & sleazy, delighting in no longer being the clean cut, girl next door, hopefully earning a crack at the new South American Champion.

The stories start with a fight with the hefty club owner, ‘Blondica’, who tricks her into an extension of their lengthy fight, which nearly results in a deadly disaster.

The next bout, ‘the Boer is a bitch’, is against a brutal South African, who seeks to enhance her chances of the winning the British & Commonwealth title by beating the ex holder and she lays out a devastatingly brutal plan, based on attacking Katt’s finest assets, to achieve her aim.

‘Lamb to the slaughter’ is a simple match against an inexperienced girl to restore Kris’ ring skill & mind set at the expense of her poor opponent, Toni Robbins,

Whilst the ‘hippy fairy’ is against a drug addict wrestler who indulges in some weird tactics against her opponents, to win at any cost & her strange methods cause Kris not a few problems.

A visit to a dubious club finds Katt bringing pro wrestling skills to the ‘comfort zone ring’ that is designed for erotica and indulging them, she takes their Queen of the ring beyond her limits.

‘The ‘Challenger’ finds Kris against an unknown girl, Miss Dee, in a club in Stoke, who surprises our heroine in the opening seconds, leaving her playing catch up throughout the bout.

‘Victim’ finds Kris fighting Judith, a genuine up & coming young wrestler who has her sights on beating Katt to enhance her status, only to find the new nasty Kris has other ideas and shows her how far from champion contender she is.

After returning briefly to the tag-team arena, unsuccessfully, Katt’s looking for an easy solo bout to repair her reputation & in ‘Restoration Essex’ she meets the typical Essex girl and make mincemeat of her, totally enjoying her dark side as a blonde!

‘Defeated’; Going for her champion match she takes on our top girl, in a bit of an ego boost and comes unstuck, after an easy first fall, when Julie ‘jugs’ Jacobs goes to town on her teacher with unexpected results.

With ‘the waitress’ we find Katt stretching herself against a strong German girl who can give as well as take & a good classic wrestling match takes place, resulting in us signing the girl to our team.

The next match, ‘In praise of mature ladies’, finds the Katt fighting another returned to the ring mature lady & they have a real go, neither giving an inch so a draw looks certain..

The third bout to earn Kris her title attempt is against ‘the Indian fighter’ whose a lap dancer as well and her flexibility causes Katt to rethink her attacks as the two fight it out in a club ring with the Indian maid on the warpath.

Finally, Katt meets ‘the Aztec’ who fashions herself on Chantico, the Goddess of pain & pleasure and poor Kris gets plenty of one & precious little of the second, as we realise she’s been set up for a vicious encounter that leaves her hurt & humiliated.

In this issue we’ve concentrated on her ring wrestling, in one form or another but fist fighting will feature in issue two along with some other fighting females. 10.00




Story extract available to read, on the battle annals female fighting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page. 






















2 Cornerman female fighting compendium 2 introducing Sally Katt's sister. Featuring 8 short stories introduced by the author Cornerman. In this the second collection of Cornerman fighting female stories we meet Sally Katt, Kristine’s younger sister, recently returned from Australia where she has apparently become a boxer. Kristine meanwhile has retired from active boxing, following a couple of defeats and is now wrestling only in a training capacity.

The first story finds the Katt having to stand in for Julie Jacobs when she is suddenly taken ill but all is not as it seems and as the wrestling ends Caitlin Katz steps into the ring.

The second story introduces the younger Katt to the readers as she challenges her older sister to prove who is the better fighter & Kris reluctantly agrees to put on the gloves for one last time.

Then Sally faces our top lightweight in a fight that’s biased in her favour, followed by an encounter with the big, brassy, brunette boxer, Sylvia.

Having proved she’s able, if not skilled, I set her up against Caitlin Katz and she surprises Kris with her desire for retribution & family honour..

Restoring Kris’ faith in her, she wants more fights, so I arrange for her to meet Moira Dale, hoping the Scot will repay the beating Sally gave Kris and I’m not disappointed.

Finally, in the series, Sally seeks a re-match with Miss Dale convinced she’s got the measure of the Scot and I give her the chance to prove her ability.

I hope you enjoy these new stories; there will be another collection of stories that have appeared on the Swish appreciation group web-site, shortly, plus more Kristine Katt stories in ‘Katt Fights’ 7.00.





















3 Cornerman female fighting compendium 3 with Katt taking on boxing and MMA fighting featuring 8 short stories introduced by the author Cornerman. In this the third compendium, you’ll find a choice of fighting styles because, in her Swish career, Miss Kristine Katt boxed as well, also being one half of a fairly good wrestling tag team. We follow her return to the ring, persuaded by the girls in our team to give MMA a go and that gets the 33 year old hankering to get back into competitive wrestling which we follow before going on to the period of her second retirement from the ring.

Opening the stories is ‘Tournament of torment’ as Katt tries her hand at MMA and comes sadly unstuck against the fabulously fit, Foxy Flame which leads to an encounter with her old foe Sylvia.

In the ‘Widows tale in three bouts’ we meet the wonderful Scot, Moira Dale, who disposes of two of our lady fighters and they plan their revenge which comes to fruition in Part 2, when they hire Thion to carry out their dirty work for them.

Katt attempts to rectify things in her story, ‘A Tale by the Katt’, when she goes to settle things with Moira at her farm.

In ‘Cornish Cats’, a return to Cornwall and a chance encounter leads to a match against Caitlin Katz, a great fan of Katt’s, hence the name but who is anything but adoring.

The keeping of a promise to a young boxer leads to another meeting with Caitlin in ‘the very last round’.

On returning to competitive wrestling, Kris needs a tag-team partner and finds an unlikely lass jogging in the park but puts her in the ring against The Brummie Crew, in ‘Bubbly Bitches’.

Following them cementing their partnership, the two meet a blonde tag-team in ‘Silver & Gold’

Their next match against the evil, heavyweight, Sluggett Sisters proves their undoing and leaves Katt without a partner.

Deciding to retire again, after her Cornish adventures, Kristine is shocked by the return of her younger sister from Australia, claiming to be a boxer of some repute and demanding satisfaction in the ring. (Compendium two)

Finally, in ‘Take two’, we meet Julie and Trudi again, as the two fight for their position in the club pecking order and seek the answer to who’s the team’s best wrestler.

I think we all know who that is and fear not, Miss Kristine Katt will return to the wrestling ring once more 8.00























4 Cornerman female fighting compendium 4 Katt's comeback. Featuring 8 short stories introduced by the author Cornerman. Miss Kristine Katt retired after her defeat by the Aztec, realising that at 37 she wasn’t up to getting into the wrestling ring regularly nor, after her recent boxing experiences, fit enough to face such punishment It was amazing then, after the vicious battering she suffered at the hands of Caitlin, when she’d been tricked into replacing Julie Jacobs in a wrestling match, that she decided just 15 months later to return to competition wrestling. It was no surprise to me that her first bout was to be against the Bermudian girl Jasmine whom she’d met last in a two on one match she’d lost. Revenge they say is sweet and often necessary to a fighter’s morale & reputation.

The first chapter, Welcome Return, tells the story of this match as a slightly more rounded Katt at 38-28-39 re-enters the ring to restore her reputation.

The next, Deadly Diana, sees the Katt fighting another returned to the ring woman whom she promised a return match to and we see a classic struggle between two hard working women wrestlers.

Getting into the swing again, Kristine fights a new up & coming wrestlerette in Street Chick

Her successful return to the ring gets her booked for a double bill in Bristol, in Two for one, where she meets a Japanese girl whilst having another match in a private club two nights later, how she hopes to cope with this is an excellent plan, if she can complete it.

The Texan Cowgirl is over touring and a match against the old champion seems easy to Tiny but has she ridden into an ambush of her own making?

Glam Rock music is one thing but this over dressed female missionary of the cult doesn’t find Katt easy on the ear or in the ring.

Katt faces the other half of the Black & Beautiful team that she faced in her two on one match in Newquay but her return bout doesn’t come as easy against the bigger woman and revenge look like a distant hope for Kristine, in Black Knight for a Black Katt.

Finally, having caught the eye of the promoters the Katt is asked to take on a wild card girl they have employed and teach her a lesson. As part of the match she has to disguise her identity and so a differently attired Katt enters the ring, will she solve the problem Real Revival Wrestling promotions have?

There’s more to come both from Sally in the boxing ring as well as Kristine Katt’s early fights when she was everyone’s favourite & even a new lady wrestler in the shapely form of Paddy Ann Steele. 7.00.





















5 Cornerman female fighting compendium 5 Katt fights again. Featuring another 8 short stories introduced by the author Cornerman. Compendium number 5 contains both boxing & wrestling bouts. This time we follow on, in time, from the last issue with Katt still wrestling on but running down her career. First, in Posh Totty the promoters use Kris again, this time to tame a public school girl who thinks her opponents are there solely for her amusement, to hurt as she pleases. The second story, The Sexy Sabine tells of Katt’s encounter with a stylish new wrestler who wants to add Kris to her list of vanquished foes. Then in Red Riding Hoody, we find Kris facing a tough, young wrestler who certainly doesn’t respect her elders so a tough match ensues. In 4 & 5 we return to her sister and in Supine Sally, little sister makes her first international appearance into a disaster & loses a chance at the British title. In five, Supreme Sally, she gets to fight for that tile against Jill McIlroy before she makes a shock decision about her future. Then in story 6, Ready, willing & unable, we meet both Trudie & Julie again, as the big brunette forces a change of plan on the club’s German girl in a brutal encounter. Returning to Miss Kristine Katt for stories 7 & 8 we find her facing the delightful ‘Paddy’ Anne Steele who wants, not only, to meet Katt in the ring but destroy her. Kris needs all her skill & experience to avoid defeat. Finally, she faces a dangerous woman who killed her last opponent, in a bout that is booked as a death match - Killer Queens. Enjoy. 7.00.






















6 Cornerman female fighting compendium 6 Katt's Konclusion. Featuring another 10 short stories introduced by the author Cornerman. Compendium number 6 contains both wrestling & boxing bouts. In this the sixth collection of Kristine Katt stories we come, sadly, to the end of the Katt stories, with Swish included they total over 200 items, so I’m getting a little stuck for material. In this compendium we start with Sally’s Farewell Bash where the new Champion formally receives her belt but the surprise of the evening is a full Championship bout with rather unusual & unexpected results.

Stories two & three follow Kristine’s last fights for the Comfort Zone club, the first against a young black girl, called Baby Bear, who though new, gives our girl a good fight. The other is about a Scots novice, Alice, at least in the topless club circuit, who does her best against the very best, giving value for money.

In Feisty Finish we’re back on the pro circuit for what turns out to be Katt’s last pro wrestling bout against a blonde Midlander and a fine fighting finale it is.

In five, An Irritating Inconvenience, we meet Lady Isobel of Hayle again who is back on the pro wrestling scene and fighting our Julie ‘Jugs’ Jacobs for a title chance and who wants to win at all costs but not if Jules has her way. Sour grapes & envy make for strange bedfellows and this match leads, over two years later, to a vicious attack.

In six, we find Katt in a Katasthrope facing not one but three enemies in her own gym wanting to beat her at boxing & wrestling but really just keen to beat her up for revenge over events real or imagined but a foe turns out to be a saviour.

In Slaughter Ring the club girls & I enlist the help of the huge black girl Thion to take out the trash, in the shape of Caitlin Katz & in Angel, Kristine takes care of her own particular irritant in the ring.

Finally, in a bonus story, this final time, we find Julie fighting the wonderful Anne Steele in Steele Ring for her chance at the area title. Enjoy. 7.00.























7 Cornerman female wrestling compendium 7 club fighting Katt. In this the seventh issue of Kristine Katt’s fighting history I cover the final year when, devoid of anything other than training bouts, she was desperate to enjoy the thrill, fear and adrenaline rush of a real fight as well as getting the arousal & stimulation that she enjoyed when having her boobs beaten. She signed up with the best unlicensed fight club, based under a local hotel, for a monthly ‘all comers’ boxing match against any challenger and got a mixed bag of fights. Even having to fight the mother of one of the defeated girls, who demanded instant retaliation in the name of the family’s honour? She also recruited three new boxers to our team, a mature lady, desperate for the pleasure fighting gave her, who would have a limited career and two young girls, either one of whom could replace Kris at the top of team of boxers and have a fantastic fighting future. There are 10 fights covered in the saga and I hope you enjoy them Cornerman.

The stories are The first contestant please, Katt takes on a blond opponent. Mother's Love, Katt fights a stocky Irish woman long black hair. Poleaxed, Katt takes on a tall slim Polish brunette. Hit a Hoody, features Katt against a young black girl with a crew cut. The pretty pensioner, Katt takes on an older opponent. Womb for one more, Katt fight a thick set red head. Bloody Beautiful, Katt battles Lucy and taller heavier opponent. The Tsarina, Katt faces the Russian giantess, the Tsarina. The little firebrand, Katt fights Miss GB a teenage red head. Enjoy. 7.00.