1 TOO BIG FOR HER KNICKERS PART 1.A young girl argued with her older brother Richard over who would do the dishes. Richard had always teased and tormented his younger sister Jussie. But now she was at the age where she refused to take it.

She challenged Richard to a tennis match to decide. Richard refused knowing Jussie was a far better tennis player. He jokingly offered to box her to decide who would wash up. Jussie agreed much to her brother's surprise.

Jussie beat her brother to her parents and everyone else's surprise.

An exciting Sapper J.R. Storie with female and younger ones in particularly overpowering older males.

I used the text story, written by Sapper J.R., to create the story in comic style.

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Comic strip plate from part 1 



2 TOO BIG FOR HER KNICKERS PART 2. Richard found it hard to live down his defeat against his younger sister and he was taunted at school by other boys. They boxed again and Jussie beat Richard again, this time even more convincingly. Richard was forced to fight Jussie a third time in a desperate bid to recover his male pride.

Jussie wanted to box again, Richard wanted to wrestle. They tossed for it and Richard won. It was long tough had fought battle which Jussie eventually one much to Richard's humiliation as she lorded it over him for along time.

The second part of a more exciting Sapper J.R. Storie with a young female overpowering an older male.

Again I used the story from Sapper J.R. To create a story in comic style.

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 Comic strip plate from part 2

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3 Liz's Girl. Feminine thighs in Combat Billy, a teenage boy returns home from college to his dead parents house, to find his aunt Victoria and her daughter Liz living there.

Liz is a strong athletic wilful spunky teenage girl. She climbs on top of Billy in his room and challenges him to try and get her off him. The prize being his room if he fail to unseat her from his chest. He fails but could win back his room when Liz fails to get him off her in the return challenge.

Billy ends up fighting Liz several times losing each one, one in front of a young boy and girl. Liz totally defeats, dominates and subdues Billy to her will.

A story written by Sapper J.R. And illustrated by peters1967 in over 220 pictures.



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4 More of Liz's girl Liz's girl 2. Liz younger stronger athletic wilful spunky teenage girl continues to beat and humiliate her older male cousin billy. she dominates him physically and sexually robbing him of his male identity. she completely defeats and humiliates him in front of his girl friend julie causing physical and mental injuries. liz doesn’t get it all her own way and gets her comeuppance for going to far from her mother a spanking in front of billy and julie. classic feminising of a weaker male. A story written by Sapper J.R. And illustrated by peters1967 in over 124 pages and 200 pictures.



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