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1. Ball busting recollections. Dave and older devotee of ball busting and cbt recalls his early adventures in ball busting with a younger brothers friend. he recounts the ball busting fighting games they used to play where he normally came off the worst getting his balls hurt as it always turned him on. The fighting games progressed to ball busting chance games with the loser usually Dave taking the majority of ball abuse. finally handicapped games fighting ball whacking games whitout a slipper blindfold or stripped to his underpants sometimes all three. tough, ball busting abuse by a younger teenager on and older teenage boy, great male on male ball busting action. €4.00  Story extract available to read, on the battle annals ball busting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.



2. Apprentice ball buster book 1 first bustings. James a twenty-eight year old electrician introduces his new apprentice Gary to the delights of ball busting after Gary confessed he enjoyed gut punching games with another apprentice. James busts Gary many times on the first day, but Gary got hs own back in the end catching James off guard, as they changed to go home. The next day the roles were reversed and Gary busted James many times. Then they were ambushed by two fitters and their apprentice. Both James and Gary were busted by Nathan the fitters apprentice. then while the fitters held James arms behind his back Nathan gave James’s balls a real work over with a steel ball hammer.

Gary and James get their revenge on Nathan and Gary used the same ball hammer on Nathan’s balls. James won the day by busting Gary till he admitted defeat. Exciting male on male ball busting and torture. €4.00.  Story extract available to read, on the battle annals ball busting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.




3 Busted with a rake handle. Mike and Darren teenage best friends and prolific ball busters want to bust each other with a rake handle, as they had seen on the benny hill show. Bobby Mike’s younger brother offered to help, as they wouldn't both be able to use the rake handle, on each other. Bobby used the rake handle on Mike and Darren’s balls and the pain was so intense they pass ed out. Bobby stripped them and left them naked in the garden.

Mike and Darren planned their revenge on Bobby and got him, later that night pounding his balls with a tennis ball until he passed out. They stripped him naked culminating in Bobby being caught outside naked by his female neighbour. However Bobby got the last laugh catching Darren and Mike unawares pounding their balls until the passed out. Tough teenage male on male bull busting action €3.00  Story extract available to read, on the battle annals ball busting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.





4. Apprentice ball buster book 3 slipper games. James a twenty-eight year old electrician and his apprentice Gary indulge in some more ball busting activities. James introduced Gary to two new ball busting games using Gary’s old gym plimsolls. The first was ball busting endurance game which involved rolling the dice to see who rolled the highest number. The winner then gave the loser the sum of the two rolls, resulting in the number of whacks in the balls with a plimsoll. The object of the game was to make your opponent give up first. They played the game both taking numerous hard whacks in the balls. James does well at the start making Gary suffer but Gary managed a come back, to make James concede the game and even made him cum.

Their second game was ball busting fighting, both are armed with a plimsoll and have to whack each others balls until one of them surrendered. They had a long and painful ball whacking fight, again initially James takes control making Gary suffer but Gary managed to turn the tables on James and make him surrender. Gary while still a apprentice electrician, was no longer the apprentice ball buster. Exciting and a painful male on male ball busting action. €3.00





5 Web cam to web cam strip and ball busting black jack challenge 1. Ryan takes on Matt in his first web cam to web cam encounter. They play a long game of strip and ball busting black jack. They agreed the rules when a player lost he drew a card, if red then he took off an item of clothing, if black then the winner told the loser to how much to bust himself and what to use. When a player was down to their underwear, then they have to bust them self every time they lost a game after that. They agreed what they are going to use to bust themselves when they lost. Ryan chose a small wooden hammer and a ball in a sock. Matt chose to use his hand and a leather belt doubled over.

The cards were not kind to Ryan and he lost repeatedly, many more times than Matt and his balls were punished with the wooden hammer and the ball in the sock. Matt took Ryan on long painful but exciting ball busting journey, making him punish his balls when he lost. Ryan had a baptism of fire with his first web cam and ball busting adventure. It was now Ryan's favourite ball busting game. Painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls, and loving it. €3.00




6 Web cam to web cam strip and ball busting black jack challenge two. Ryan was back playing his favourite ball busting game web cam to web cam. This time Ryan takes on a young Brazilian guy called Matheus. Matheus was a little shy and would not show his face on web cam, but was not shy about the ball busting challenge and action. Ryan started well and made Matheus suffer but soon the cards turned against him again and only in his tight camo boxer briefs takes some heavy ball pounding with a small wooden hammer and a ball in a sock. Ryan fought back hard, but in the end lost, taking too many bustings. Winning brought out a sadistic streak in Matheus and really pushes and punishes Ryan making him come twice to take the game by storm. Ryan's second game ends in an even greater, total defeat and forced double ejaculation. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action. Male balls challenged and punished to ejaculation. 3. 




7 Web cam to web cam strip and ball busting black jack challenge three. Ryan plays his favourtie web cam to web cam ball busting game for a third time. This time he took on his youngest opponent so far an English boy named Tommy. Tommy was shy about showing his face but not about playing the game, although it took a few on line chat sessions to get the game organised. They didn't bother with the striping part of the game going straight into the ball busting action, stripping to their underwear. Ryan was ready in his is red boxer briefs and Tommy in his dark blue boxer briefs. Tommy agreed to punch or slap his balls when he lost and Ryan to use the ball in the sock on his balls, when he lost. Tt was a very close tough and painful game with Tommy constantly upping the ante on hits to the balls. The high hitting rate really took its toll of Ryan's balls, the ball in the sock being more effective than Tommy's slaps or punches. Ryan called and end to the game when his balls couldn't take any more punishment. Ryan asked tommy if he wanted to finish things off by slapping his balls and wanking till he cum. Tommy was only to happy to oblige. Ryan excited by watching Tommy slap his balls till he cum, offered to do the same in return and use the ball in the sock on his balls while wanking until he cum for Tommy. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action. Male balls challenged and punished to ejaculation. €2.00








8 The hard knocks club part 1. Set in the nineteen seventies four fifth year boys all keen ball busting and abuse fans formed a club for some ball busting fun, called the hard knocks club. The four boys, David Poulter, Richard Jarvis, Thomas Baker and Gary Richards were the four members of the hard knocks club. The use to come up with inventive ways and games of chance to abuse each others balls. All their ball busting fun sessions took place in the dinner break. As it was the last week before half term they tried to make each lunch time session better than the previous, to help them get through the week on no ball busting fun.

Their first session on the Monday, they use cards and a dice to see how many kicks in the balls the losers gets. On the Tuesday they came up with the idea of dropping a basket ball on the losers balls, again the losers being decided by the draw of cards and a roll of the dice, for the amount of times, they had the basket ball dropped, on their balls. On the Wednesday only David Poulter and Richard Jarvis took part, as Thomas Baker and Gary Richards where on their careers day. David Poulter and Richard Jarvis, played strip poker, the loser being knackered by the winner. Richard Jarvis won the game in the dinner break but when they played again after school David Poulter won. On the Thursday only Thomas Baker and Gary Richards took part, as David Poulter and Richard Jarvis, where on their careers day. They came up with a new game using a tennis racket, to hit the a tennis ball into each others balls. On Friday the last day of term, as with every friday they had double PE, before dinner and double games after dinner, so their was not enough time in the dinner break to have any ball busting fun.

They made up for it by having some ball busting fun in PE. During Pe, when rope climbing, by sending a loop of rope, whipping up between the climbers legs, to hit them in the balls. Also while playing crab football heeling and stomping each other between the legs. During games in the afternoon they bunked of a cross country run and had four ball squeezing or knackering fights to see who was the best or worse ball squeezer or knackerer. The hard knocks club was the boys favourite way to ball bust each other. Painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. €3.00  Story extract available to read, on the battle annals ball busting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.






9 Web cam to web cam strip and ball busting black jack challenge four. Ryan plays another of his favourtie web cam to web cam ball busting games for a fourth time. This time he takes on a younger spanish opponent named Juan. Juan like Tommy was shy about showing his face, but not about playing the game, although his limits were less than Ryan's. Tt took a couple of chats on line to get the game organised. As with Tommy they didn't bother with the striping part of the game, going straight into the ball busting action, stripping to their underwear.

Ryan was ready in his is blue boxer briefs and Juan in his sexy, tight, red briefs. Juan agreed to punch or hit his balls with a shoe when he lost. Ryan as usual would use the ball in the sock and this time a small wooden hammer, on his balls when he lost. Tt was a tough and painful slightly one sided game as Juan couldn't take as much punishment to his balls as Ryan. As with his previous three games, the cards were against Ryan and he lost more games than he won. The high hitting rate really took its toll of Ryan's balls, the ball in the sock and small wooden hammer, being more effective than Juan's punches and hits with his shoe.

They both enjoyed upping the ante, by making the loser give their balls particularly hard hits, when instructed by the winner. The game ended when Juan run out of time and had to go. Juan victorious, told Ryan he had to hit his naked balls with the hammer until he ejaculated for losing. Ryan had to remove his last scant defense, his boxer briefs and hit his naked balls with the hammer, till he ejaculated. It didn't take too many hits, as they were already badly, aching from losing the game. Ryan not only lost but had to humilate himself by shooting his spunk for Juan. More painful erotic and horny male on male busting action. Male balls, challenged and punished to ejaculation. €2.00




10 The hard knocks club part 2. Set in the nineteen seventies four fifth year boys all keen ball busting and abuse fans formed a club for some ball busting fun called the hard knocks club. The four boys David Poulter, Richard Jarvis, Thomas Baker and Gary Richards were the four members of the hard knocks club. The loved coming up with inventive ways and games of chance to abuse each others balls. All their ball busting fun sessions take place in the dinner break. Half term was over and they are back at school and they were eager to try out the two new ball busting games, strip poker ball busting, created David Poulter and Richard Rarvis, and ball busting tennis created by Thomas Baker and Gary Richards.

They had a vote on the Monday morning to decide whether they would try strip poker ball busting, or tennis ball busting first. They chose tennis ball busting but when they went to play in the dinner break it was raining, so they had to do, strip poker ball busting instead. In the original game, the two player game, the winner knackered the loser. In the new multi player version the loser, the first one naked, got knackered by all three players, then stayed naked and carried on playing. Baker was the first to be stripped and got knackered by the others. Then to Bakers horror and the other three's delight, he lost the next hand and took another three way knackering. Jarvis then lost had to strip and take a three way knackering. Richards lost the next hand and had to endure, a three way knackering leaving them all naked accept for Poulter. Baker lost again and had to take another hard three way knackering. Poulter finally lost in the last game of the session and had to strip and be knackered by all three of the others.

The next dinner break the weather was OK and they played tennis ball busting. cards were dealt and the lowest card lost, the loser had to throw a dice and the number rolled, was the number of hits at the losers balls their others could take with a tennis balls and racket. Richards was the first to lose and threw a three. he stood against the fence of the old tennis courts with his arms and legs wide. baker went first to show Jarvis and Poulter how to do it, hitting three balls at Richards groin, scoring one hit. Poulter went next and scored two out of three hits, making Richards balls suffer. Jarvis went last and scored two hits leaving Richards balls, aching badly. Baker lost the next game and rolled a four. Jarvis went first whacking four tennis balls at Bakers balls, scoring two out of four making Bakers balls ache. Poulter went next lobbing four tennis balls at Bakers balls, scoring three out of four, really making them ache. Richards went last scoring two out of four, dropping Baker to the ground again. That was the last game, as there was no time for another, much to the annoyance of Baker who had lost the twice game and had to endure having his balls hit with tennis balls.

On the Wednesday they agreed to have a go handicap, naked, knacker fighting, decided by a game of strip poker. The first one naked had to knacker fight the next two naked, while the winner watched. But it rained all day and they could not get away to play, so had to post pone it until the Thursday. Poulter lost first followed by Baker and Richards. Poulter had to naked knacker fight, both Baker and Richards. Baker and Richards ganged up on Poulter and they both gave him a long hard knackering, watched by Jarvis. That afternoon they had study class in their houses. Poulter and Jarvis were in aries house and Baker and Richards in zeus. They went to their prospective house study class.

Poulter and Jarvis met Terry Daniels another boy from their class in their house, who was also interested in ball busting games and abuse, but not in the hard knocks club. Daniels wanted to know why Poulter looked so flushed and was sweating, so they told him, what happened. Daniels liked what he heard and asked if he could join the hard knocks club. Jarvis and Poulter told Daniels they would support his membership. Jarvis then asked Daniels if he want to play a ball abuse game. Daniels agreed and they decided to play rock paper scissors with Poulter as the referee. To his delight Daniels won convincingly, leaving Jarvis with badly aching balls. Richards and Baker met up with Mark Jones, a boy from their class and house, who they had played, some ball busting games with before, who had not yet joined their ball busting club. When they told Jones about the naked knacker fighting, he told them he wanted to join the hard knocks club. They invited Jones to play hi low card, ball busting, the boy with the highest card got to bust by the boy with the lowest card. To everyone’s surprise Jones won nearly every game and Baker and Richards, both took some heaving ball whacking and had to concede the game.

After their study class all four members of the hard knocks club met up with the two prospective new members and agreed that they could join. aAl six members, old and new were looking forward to Monday when they could indulge in some more balls busting fun. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. €3.00  Story extract available to read, on the battle annals ball busting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.




11 Hard knocks club part 3 rock paper scissors ball bust. Set in the nineteen seventies, four fifth year boys, all keen ball busting and abuse fans formed a club for some ball busting fun, called the hard knocks club. The four boys David Poulter, Richard Jarvis, Thomas Baker and Gary Richards, the four original members of the hard knocks club like to come up with inventive ways and games of chance to abuse each others balls. All their ball busting fun sessions take place in the dinner break. In part three the four original members, plus their two new members, Terry Daniels and Mark Jones, come up with a new game to play, after playing a rock paper scissors game, with loser being ball busted in in their house study class. The new game was rock paper, scissors ball bust. Two members would play rock paper scissors and the loser would be busted by a third member, with a new ball busting tool, a tennis ball in a sports sock.

They played the new game, using the new ball busting tool, over three dinner times, slowly perfecting the game play and rules, until the game very tough and painful, to the payer balls. On the third dinner time they played their toughest version yet, was blindfold in just their vest and pants. All their balls suffered in the painful brutal game, but some much more than others. It turned into a inter member endurance competition, with David Poulter declared the over all winner. He was allowed to knacker Rchard Jarvis the over all losers balls. Lots more painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. €3.00




12 The hard knocks club part 4, battle royal. Set in the nineteen seventies six fifth year boys, are all members of the hard knocks club, a club for practising ball busting and ball abuse. The members were, Richard Jarvis, David Poulter, Thomas Baker, Gary Richards, Mark Jones and Terry Daniels. In this fourth episode, rain stops any club activities until the Thursday. After discussions what to do that lunch time, they decide to play a revamped multi-player version of strip poker ball busting. In the new version all players but the one with the highest card, removed an item of clothing and the winner was able to bust all the the others balls with a fearsome busting implement, the tennis ball in a sock. The plan was to play until all players were naked.

The game proved a real endurance challenge, with five of them being stripped and busted every hand. Some of the players, Mark Jones, Terry Daniels and David Poulter, won more than one game each, ensuring Gary Richards, Richard Jarvis, and Thomas Baker, were repeatedly stripped and busted until naked. Nnce naked if they lost they had to take two whack with the ball in the sock. So successful and intense, was the ball busting, that the game never went all the way, and Terry Daniels, one of the new members was the winner.

Friday was double PE before lunch followed by double games after lunch and no club activities usually took place. But a thunder storm and torrential rain meant the games lesson was cancelled. The six members of the hard knocks club sneaked to the caretakers old large storage shed where they held their club activities. They decided to have a ball busting battle royal, all against all, winner being the last man standing. As they had got wet getting to the large storage shed they decided to fight the battle royal in just their vest and pants. They had a long hard battle, of ball busting and squeezing, some of them getting stripped and creamed by the others. After the long hard and painful ball busting battle royal, Mark Jones was the last man standing and the winner. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. €3.00



13 The hard knocks club part 5 weighted bottle busting endurance. Set in the nineteen seventies six fifth year boys are all members of the hard knocks club, a club for practising ball busting and ball abuse. They members were. Richard Jarvis, David Poulter, Thomas Baker, Gary Richards, Mark Jones and Terry Daniels. In this fourth episode they play ball busting tennis with new rules and game play, this time in their vest and pants. The server hit a tennis ball at an opponent, if they hit balls, or a cock, they scored a point and served again. If they hit the body they served again. If they missed, their opponent got to serve. They played two games, a singles and a doubles game. It was, old and new members of the club, Daniels against Jones, Poulter and Jarvis, against Richards and Baker. Their cocks, balls and resolve got well tested, in this painful game. Poulter and Jarvis won their doubles match, ten points to sevens on a double retirement from too much ball pain. Daniels beat Jones in closely fought painful match seven points to five.

Though this new version of ball busting tennis, was the most painful game they had played until they came up with their next idea, weighted bottle busting endurance. A plastic bottle filled with water was hung on a string from the ceiling and swung into the receivers balls. They drew cards and rolled a dice to decide how many swings and who would swing the bottle and in what order they would face the swinging bottle. Jones got the highest card and would do most of the bottle swinging. They would each take three swings while they were held spread eagle by the other four. Jones got to bottle bust Daniels, then Poulter, then Baker, then Richards, and then Jarvis. Finally jarvis with the second highest card got to swing the bottle at Jones balls. The result was the same each time, the weighted bottle inflicting intense sickening ball pain.

Having all had a taste and the feel of the weighted bottle to their balls, they decided to play on. The same game play with the highest card swinging the bottle into the lowest cards balls. Daniels lost the first game and had to take three more swings to the balls from Baker. Jarvis lost the next game and took two from Baker. Poulter lost the third game and tool four bottle swings from Richards. Richards lost the fourth game and took two bottle swings from Poulter. To every ones delight, Jones lost the fifth game, they were fed up with his arrogance and he took four painful bottle swings from Baker. Angry from the pain, Jones swore at them all and called Poulter and Daniels queer, as they liked their balls hurt. The other five members decided to teach Jones a lesson.

He was held spread-eagle while poulter kneed him hard in the balls for calling him a queer. Then daniels took his revenge by slipping his hand in Jones trousers and underpants and squeezed his sore aching balls hard. He was sure Jones balls felt swollen, so they others told him to drop Jones trousers and pants, so they could all see. When jones balls were exposed, they were red and sore and with his shrivelled stub of a cock, was great to the amusement, to the other members of the hard knocks club. They all agreed that this was by far the most painful game they had ever played. Even more painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. €3.00




14 Male on male ball busting short stories collection one. Cock less pair, and how much can you take.

Story number 1 Cock less pair

Gary his yahoo messenger id was nad-risker, had lost a high stakes game of ball busting strip black jack on cam against nad-sacker. He'd had to bust his balls hard for nad_sacker, but worse still, was the forfeit for losing. It was thirty minutes session on chaturbate, a public web cam broadcasting site. Signed on as nad-sacker, he had to bust his balls wearing only his briefs, with a ball in a sock, taking instructions from nad-sacker and his specially invited friends. Nad-sacker and his friends, really made Gary punish his balls on public cam, with numerous painful challenges and requests. The worse offenders were two females, who seemed to try and out do each other, suggesting painful things he was to do to his balls for them, but even worse than them, was junk_collector. Just like the two women junk-collectors suggested had really tested Gary's balls. but just as Gary hope every thing was over in the last few seconds of his session, Junk-collector requested, he remove his briefs and give his bare balls, fifty whacks. That had really finished Gary's balls off completely.

Gary had some on line chats with junk-collector over the next few months, talking about his on line games and challenges and how he got started in ball busting. Then out of the blue, junk-collector told him he was in cyprus on business, staying at a hotel in Nicosia and he wanted to have a ball busting session with Gary, if he could make it to Nicosia. He also told Gary to bring the ball in the sock so they could use it on each others balls. Gary although weary, agreed and travelled to Nicosia. Junk-collectors name was Dave and he met him the hotel bar. They went to Dave's room, for a game of ball busting strip black jack on the bed. The loser cut the pack if he drew red he would have to take something off, if he drew back he got a whack in the balls with the ball in the sock. The game went bad for Gary when he got stripped to his briefs early, meaning every time he lost, he had to take whack in the balls. His balls took a heavy pounding, as he slowly stripped Dave down to his boxer shorts, to even things up and he could concentrate, on whacking Dave's balls when he lost.

Although he got the satisfaction of whacking Dave's balls when he lost, the game still went bad for Gary and his balls really suffered, until he was forced to concede the game. A real hard ball busting game, of chance and challenge.

Story number two, how much can you take.

Dough was an older mature guy into ball busting, he enjoyed mutual ball busting giving and taking. But he really enjoyed just taking and liked to be tested, to see just how much ball abuse, he could take. He joined kramtoad, an online ball busting site, hoping to meet other guys into ball busting. He met three potential opponents, via the kramtoad chat facility. Two were close to his own age and mutual busters like himself. The third Ian was younger and a giver only, who enjoyed inflicting ball pain, particularly on older guys. They struck up friendship via kramtoad chat and eventually decided to meet for a ball busting session. Ian was eager to see just how much ball pain Dough could take.

Ian was only wearing some long baggy football shorts when he let Dough in. After coffee and a discussion about ball busting and how they both started and what Ian was going to do to him, to see just how much Dough could take. Ian took Dough up stairs and showed him the bonger, he was going to use on his balls. Dough wanted to know how it was going to work and Ian told him, would just whack him in the balls, until he couldn't take anymore. The only rule was he couldn't defend them or cover them up. Dough knelt on the bed with his legs apart and butterflies in his stomach. Ian was true to his word and whacked Dough's balls hard with the bonger. After eleven hard painful whacks to the balls Dough was dropped to the bed. Ian would only give Dough a minute to rest before staring on his balls again.

The session carried on like this, with Ian mercilessly pounding Dough's balls with the bonger. The sadistic nature of the merciless busting, made them both highly aroused, cocks rock hard and wet with pre-cum. Dough realised that Ian really did intend to see just how much he could take and was determined to beat the spunk out of Doughs balls with the bonger. To finish Dough off Ian decided, he would whack Dough's balls non stop, ordering, Dough to count each whack out loud. Dough stopped counting at six and was dropped to the bed. Then Ian upped the ante, by stripping Dough to the waist and making him carry on in just his jeans and bare foot. Ian carried on his relentless pounding of Dough's balls, dropping him again to the bed, when his balls hurt too much.

The ante was raised again, as Ian removed Dough's jeans, stripping him to his tight whities. Dough knew he could not last long now, as in just his skin tight whities, Ian couldn't miss. It was the hardest thing Dough did, kneeling with his legs open on the bed. Ian then worked on Dough's balls, with the bonger until Dough was on the brink of ejaculation. Then he started to whack Dough's rock, hard, cock with it as well, upping the ante even more. Ian didn't stop until, he dropped Dough to the bed, barley able to breathe, from the intense cock and ball pain. Ian then knelt astride Doughs upper body, facing Dough's feet and pinned Dough's arms under his knees. With Dough helplessly pinned, Ian started to pound Dough's defenceless cock and balls, with the bonger. Dough held on as long as he could, but the pain was too much and his cock exploded. Ian had whacked the spunk out of his balls as promised. Ian finished of their session downstairs on the couch after removing Dough's spunk soaked briefs. Ian worked on Dough's badly abused cock and balls, forcing another draining ejaculation out of him. An intense ball busting endurance challenge of young buster and old bustee. €4.00




15 Male on male ball busting short stories collection two. Novice ball buster debut, Cody's first real ball busting challenge. Two on one beat down, ball busting strip wrestling.

Story one novice ball buster debut, Cody's first real ball busting challenge.

Cody was a novice prospective member of the TTC, the testes testing club and he was hoping to be the youngest member of the TTC. It all depended on his performance, on his debut ball busting challenge game for the TTC, if he won he would make the grade, but he could still lose and make the grade if he performed well. What ever was decided, Cody knew it would be a tough challenge, as he was too young, in the eyes of many of the members, of the TTC. Cody had to face, Greg the oldest member of the TTC, in a ball busting endurance challenge, it was to be a handicap challenge. They would play poker to decide whose balls got hit with a ball in a sock. It was decided that Greg would play in just his briefs and Cory would have a two to one hit advantage. Greg was bigger, heavier and much more experienced than Cory, but Cory hoped the two to one hit advantage and the fact that Greg was only in his briefs and he could not miss with the ball in the sock, would even things up a little, in his favour. Cory's hopes and confidence took a boost when he took a wager cutting cards with Greg and winning a three to one hit advantage, however, he had risked playing in just his underwear, if the cut low. Other rules were, that two's were wild and could be any card and if a player lost to a full house the busting penalty would be tripled, or the loser had to remove all clothing, or underwear, it would be the winner choice.

Cody started off well in the long painful ball busting endurance poker game, his three to one hit advantage allowed him to really pound and punish Greg's balls. However the game was long and painful and Cody's balls started to pay the price, as well. Cody really thought he had Greg beat when he got a full house and gave Greg nine hard whacks to his already aching, battered, balls. However his triumph was shattered when Greg got a full house and he had to strip to his boxer shorts, reducing his advantage. Playing in just his boxers, was a lot tougher, but he still managed to use his three to one advantage, to keep Greg in trouble and close to defeat. However the game got very close in the end, with Cory wondering how much more he could take, but he was saved by, a full house win, and nine hard whacks virtually finished Greg. It only took one more win and the first whack, for Greg to lose control and ejaculate and lose the match. Tough hard ball busting endurance challenge, young novice balls against older more experienced balls.

Story two, two on one beat down ball busting, strip wrestling.

Three teenage friends, Ben, Rob and Larry, met at Ben's house every Wednesday evening, for what Ben and Rob, called fun games, when Ben's mother was at bingo, that usually meant Larry suffering. This time they decided on wrestling and true to form Ben and Rob decided, to take turns tagging against Larry. When they both easily beat Larry, making him suffer with painful pins and holds, Ben made it a strip wrestling match, with the loser, losing item of clothing, for each submission or pin. Larry suffered a painful beat down by his two opponents who who through repeated pins and submission stripped him to his underpants. Larry's pains and suffering didn't end there. Rob held larry in a choke hold, while Ben punished and abused his balls. Ben mercilessly taunted Larry for having such small balls and delighting in showing them to Rob. Then they swapped places, while Rob abused and ridiculed larry's Balls. The final indignity, camr when they threw Larry out of Ben's house in just in underpants. Brutal tough, two on one, wrestling beat down, with lots of ball busting and abuse. €4.00



16 Strip poker ball busting, win or lose, your balls will suffer. Gary was looking for a new way to enjoy his favourite pass time, ball busting. He missed school and the ball busting there. He did wrestle with an ex class mate Nathan, also into ball busting and they included ball busting in their wrestling. As he was the best wrestler and he usually won, his balls were spared most of the time. He wanted to find a way that randomly decided who got busted, so he had no control over who won because he enjoyed ball pain. That's when he came up with ball busting strip poker. They had played strip poker at school as well and incorporating ball busting in the game, seemed the ideal solution to Gary. Gary discussed the idea with Nathan and he was game so they worked out the rules.

The loser of a hand had to cut the pack of punishment cards, red meant, removal of one item, black meant, a whack in the balls with their chosen implement, a ball in a sock. There would three times as many black cards as red in the punishment pack, to ensure plenty of ball busting. When a player was down to their underwear, then they got busted every time they lost. Players started with six items and when they had lost their shoes, the winner could chose which item to remove. once both players were down to their underwear, then they could raise the ball busting ante, by betting more whacks. If a player won with a full house then the loser removed their underwear. If a player won with another full house and the other was already naked, then the loser got six whacks in the balls. Gary was happy, the rules of the new game, would test his ball busting resolve, it would be a ball busting endurance challenge.

They played their first game at Nathan's house. Nathan had more luck than Gary, winning more games, but losing many himself. However Nathan drew, more red cards and got stripped, while Gary took plenty of whacks in the balls, and lost clothes at a much slower rate. Gary's tight jeans, ensured he took painful whacks to the balls, every time he lost. Nathan's baggy track suit bottoms, made his balls much harder, to hit properly, if at all. By the time Nathan got down to his underwear, Gary's balls had already taken a heavy pounding, making him hard and excited and also concerned, as to how much more he could take.

The game carried on with Nathan still winning more games and whacking Gary's balls, while slowly stripping him to his boxers, but now taking hard whacks to his own balls. When they were both down to their underwear the betting of more balls whacks, began. Still luck was with Nathan and his tactic of folding every time Gary raised him, ensured, he was only taking one whack every game lost, to Gary's two or three. At this point they both thought Gary would lose, as his balls had been well pounded and they were red and swollen. Nathan was the first to lose his briefs to a full house and take whacks in the bare balls. The ball busting tally seemed to become more even, after this with Nathan suffering and wondering if he could continue and his only relief was when his full house claimed Gary's boxers.

The betting of more whacks got more prolific and the ensuing naked ball busting punished both players balls, testing both of their endurance. Gary was on the brink of defeat, when he snatched victory, with a win, with a full house and a bet with a final raise of six ball busts. That meant Nathan faced six ball busts, for the full house win, as he was naked and seven from the wager thirteen whacks. Nathan conceded the game, not willing to take so many whacks, but Gary would not let him wimp out, he made Nathan take all thirteen and by the end his balls were red and swollen like Gary's. Gary and Nathan were chalk and cheese, Gary enjoyed ball pain and was excited by it. Nathan didn't, but was turned on by giving others ball pain. Tt the end Gary's cock was rock hard and throbbing and Nathan's a shriveled stub. Gary abused Nathan's balls, as a penalty for losing and made Nathan ejaculate, although he did not have an erection. Nathan returned the favour abusing Gary's red swollen balls, as Gary wanked it to relieve himself of his frustrated excitement and the added ball pain, pushed him rapidly to ejaculation. Tough give and take ball busting challenge, with balls mercilessly pounded in the battle to win. Hard male on male ball busting action. €4.00



17 Hard knocks club part 6 Poulter's and Daniels weekend trauma, a two part story.

Part 1 Poulter's googley

David Poulter and Richard Jarvis, both members of the hard knocks club are also, both members of their schools, cricket team. They were waiting for the other schools team, to arrive, so the game could start, on a Saturday afternoon. Poulter one of the best batsman, for the team made a boastful bet with Jarvis, one of the best bowlers, that he could score more runs than Jarvis could get wickets and runs. Jarvis knew something that Poulter did not, that the other schools team, was unlikely to get to them, as there had been a big accident on the motorway, all roads round in the area were grid locked. So he argued with Poulter, finally getting him to up the ante, so the bet was that poulter would score more runs than the wickets and runs he got what ever happened. Later when they heard the team could not make it Jarvis sprung his trap. He told Poulter he had lost, as he had not scored more runs that he and taken wickets or scored runs. They were both on zero and Poulter had lost, having not scored more runs than him. The bet had been that who ever won could use Poulter's bat, on the losers balls. Annoyed at being tricked, but with no way out Poulter had to let Jarvis, use the bat on his balls. Jarvis took great delight in abusing Poulter's balls, with his own bat. Poulter's bat was chipped and worn. Jarvis used the bat on Poulter cock and balls, whacking and rubbing it over them leaving them scratched and grazed. By the time Jarvis made Poulter cum, creamed him, his cock and balls were red, sore and swollen. Heavy cbt and ball busting action.

Part 2 Daniels slipper woes 

Terry Daniels a member of the hard knocks club, was at home in his bedroom on Saturday with his younger brother, Sam Daniels. Terry was doing his home work, Sam was annoying Terry, by trying to grab his and squeeze his balls. When Terry finally finished his home work, they argued for some time which ended with them agreeing to play, a ball busting fight with slippers. They argued then on how they would fight and finally decided to play strip poker to try and get the other naked before the slipper fight started. Agreed rules were that the loser would cut the pack if he drew red he would take off one item of clothing, if he drew black he would get whacked in the balls, with the slipper. Only when a joker that had been left in the pack, was drawn would the slipper fight start.

They started their long game of strip poker in which Terry did much better than Sam. Sam took more whacks and was quickly stripped to his underpants. Tt took longer to get Terry down to his vest and pants, by which time they both had aching balls. Sam had taken ten whacks to Terry's five, and now there were not many cards left to draw and the joker was one of them. When terry lost the next and drew a red card and was going to take his vest off, but Sam insisted he took his pants off instead. Terry refused and they argued until Sam triple dared Terry to take his pants off. Terry reluctantly agreed, thinking the way the game had gone, he would get Sam's pants off with the next hand. Tut to terry's horror the joker was drawn in that hand. He would have to fight Sam without any pants on, giving Sam the advantage

They had a long hard and painful slipper fight mercilessly whacking each other's balls. Terry did well to start with despite his disadvantage, but it told in the end and coupled with his love of ball pain, forced him to concede the match. But not before Sam had slippered his naked arse almost red raw. As the loser, he had to remove his vest and roll over, to let Sam whack his cock and balls. at first he had refused to roll over, even though he conceded the game. That was why Sam had slippered his arse so mercilessly. With his arse burning, Terry had to roll over and let Sam whack his red and sore looking, cock and balls. Sam let lose with his slipper until Terry cock and balls were red sore and swollen and only stopped when he made Terry cum, creamed him. More heavy ball busting and cbt action. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. €3.00



18 Male on male ball busting short stories collection three, two guys get busted in a public toilet.

Two guys get busted in a public toilet part 1 Rack Me Hard's story

Bollock Buster, a hard ball busting top, had chatted with two bustees, on his favourite ball busting contact site. Chatting to them and grooming them for a meet up and a ball busting session. They were, Rack Me Hard and Ball Pain Pig. Rack Me Hard, was the first of the two, to agree to meet Bollock Buster at a remote public toilet, as he had suggested. Bollock Buster had wanted to meet both Rack Me Hard and Ball Pain Pig at the same time, but Ball Pain Pig could not make it to the location until later in the evening, so he had to meet them separately.

Bollock Buster was already waiting in the public toilet for Rack Me Hard, when he arrived. Bollock Buster, started with ball punches targeting the bulge in Rack Me Hard's faded, black jeans. But he kept Rack Me Hard waiting, to heighten his excitement and the tension and it worked. Rack Me Hard was already semi stiff when he entered the public toilet, now getting rock hard, and clearly visible through his black faded jeans. But Bollock Buster deliberately waited even longer until, Rack Me Hard started to relax. This made the first punch doubly effective. Bollock Buster, continued to space out the punches, with delays between them to increase Rack Me Hard's excitement. Bollock Buster, carried on punching, Rack Me Hard, getting him more excited, then pausing to allow him to calm down, before resuming, with more painful ball punching. Bollock Buster, carried on like this, pushing Rack Me Hard, to the point of ejaculation, then pausing, until Rack Me Hard, was hunched over and stooping, legs spread, from the sickening ball pain.

That was when Bollock Buster, switched to kicking Rack Me Hard's balls. The first kick shocked and surprised Rack Me Hard. Bollock Buster, used the same policy with his kicks, as with his punching, pausing between them, to cause maximum effect. For the first few, then switched to rapid kicks without pausing. this dropped, Rack Me Hard to his knees. Bollock Buster, then enjoyed grabbing and squeezing Rack Me Hard's aching balls, again pushing him hard. Then switching to teasing his iron hard cock, that only made him more excited. Bollock Buster, carried on like this, alternating between Rack Me Hard's cock and balls. He then started to punch, Rack Me Hard's balls, pushing him, yet again to the brink of ejaculation. Bollock Buster, paused, as Rack Me Hard, fought desperately not to cum. But another punch, was the straw, dropping Rack Me Hard to his knees, as he ejaculated hard.

Although he made Rack Me Hard cum, Bollock Buster, had not finished with him and continued to kick Rack Me Hard's balls, until Rack Me Hard, agree to suck his cock. Bollock Buster, made Rack Me Hard, suck his cock until he cum and splashed his spunk all over Rack Me Hard's face. Bollock Buster, gave Rack Me Hard's balls, one last punch before telling him the session was over and watched him stumble wearily out of the public toilet.

Two guys get busted in a public toilet part 2 Ball Pain Pig's story

After his exciting session with Rack Me Hard, Bollock Buster, secluded himself in a cubicle until, Ball Pain Pig arrived. Ball Pain Pig, was hard and excited, eager for things to start. When Bollock Buster, told Ball Pain Pig, of the tough session he had given Rack Me Hard, Ball Pain Pig, told him he wanted the same, if not more. Encouraged, Bollock Buster, got to work on the bulge in Ball Pain Pig's, lycra cycle shorts. When Bollock Buster, started to punch Ball Pain Pig's balls, Ball Pain Pig did not moan, protest, or cover his balls. Only after numerous, hard punches, did Ball Pain Pig, let out a gasp of pain. The next punch, made his hard cock twitch excitedly. These were all good signs, to Bollock Buster, that Ball Pain Pig, was enjoying the pain, confirmed even more when, Ball Pain Pig, started to wank his cock. Bollock Buster, continued until Ball Pain Pig, was moaning, after every punch. Moaning and enjoying the pain, while furiously wanking his cock, Ball Pain Pig was rapidly pushed to the edge. Just like he did with Rack Me Hard, Bollock Buster paused, to let Ball Pain Pig, calm down.

After the pause, Bollock Buster, clasped the bulge, of Ball Pain Pig's balls. Bollock Buster, squeezed Ball Pain Pig's balls, making him wince, as they were filled with sickening pain. Bollock Buster, gave Ball Pain Pig's balls, a hard squeeze, before he started punching them again. The repeated punches, were faster and made Ball Pain Pig, sway at the hips. As the hard punches, continued, Ball Pain Pig started to stroke his excited cock again. He was soon stroking it furiously, making Bollock Buster, pause again. When Ball Pain Pig, had calmed down, Bollock Buster, started to kick Ball Pain Pig's balls, much to his surprise and shock. Bollock Buster, made, Ball Pain Pig, wait for the second kick, as he new it would excite him more. The second kick when it came made, Ball Pain Pig hunch over in pain. Ball Pain Pig, straightened up, but hunched over again, after two more hard kicks. More kicks, made Ball Pain Pig's balls suffer. Then Bollock Buster, switched to punching them again. The repeated punches had no effect on Ball Pain Pig, for a while, but as the pain grew, he started to stroke his cock and again and was soon stroking it furiously. Bollock Buster, only paused, when he had Ball Pain Pig, on the brink of ejaculation.

After the pause, Bollock Buster, grabbed and squeezed Ball Pain Pig's, balls again. Then he pulled the front, of Ball Pain Pig's shorts down, exposing his naked cock and balls. Bollock Buster, grabbed and squeezed Ball Pain Pig's, naked balls. Bollock Buster, continued until, Ball Pain Pig, was on the brink of cuming, then paused. Bollock Buster started to punch Ball Pain Pig's balls again, until Ball Pain Pig was in so much pain, he grabbed and cupped his aching balls. Bollock Buster, had to pause again. By now Bollock Buster, was so excited, his cock was bulging in his jeans. Ball Pain Pig, grabbed and squeezed Bollock Buster's cock, making dim gasp. Bollock Buster, returned the favour and they stroked each other off, when Bollock Buster, sensed Ball Pain Pig was close, he stopped and grabbed his balls again. Bollock Buster, squeezed Ball Pain Pig's balls and pushed him back, by them. As Ball Pain Pig stroked his cock, Bollock Buster, started kicking his balls, until Ball Pain Pig, grabbed his cock again and they started stroking each other. Bollock Buster, only stopped when he was close to the brink and Ball Pain Pig, was closer.

Bollock Buster, forced Ball Pain Pig back and began kicking his balls again, until Ball Pain Pig, hunched over and cupped his aching balls again. Bollock Buster, waited until Ball Pain Pig, let go of his balls and started to stroke his cock again. Bollock Buster, then slapped Ball Pain Pig's balls, until he was forced to cup them again. Another pause and then more squeezing and stretching of Ball Pain Pig's balls, followed by more slapping, until he made Ball Pain Pig ejaculate. This dropped Ball Pain Pig to his knees. Ball Pain Pig, told Bollock Buster, that this was the hardest busting session, he had ever hard. Bollock Buster, then reminded Ball Pain Pig, that he said, he wanted it as hard as Rack Me Hard, or even harder. Bollock Buster, true to his word started to stroke Ball Pain Pig's, now highly sensitive, post ejaculation, cock. Bollock Buster, threatened to carry on, until he made Ball Pain Pig cum, knowing every stroke was torture, until Ball Pain Pig, agreed, to let Bollock Buster, amuse himself in another way. Bollock Buster, slapped Ball Pain Pig's balls, until he dropped to his knees. Then he made Ball Pain Pig, suck his cock until he cum and showered Ball Pain Pig's face with his spunk. Elated Bollock Buster, left Ball Pain Pig, kneeling in the public toilet.

Two hard ball busting short stories, with great male on male ball busting action and abuse. €2.00



19 The hard knock club part 7 bat and balls and slipper play.

Bat and balls

After his weekend ball busting fun with David Poulter, using a cricket bat and cricket a ball, to abuse David Poulter's balls. Richard Jarvis suggested that the hard knocks club use a cricket bat, in new ball busting game. They would spin a bottle and the one it stopped pointing at, would get hit in the balls with a small cricket bat. The other members of the hard knocks club liked the idea and they tried it out in the dinner break. To make the game tougher, they decided to play in just their gym shorts, with no underpants on.

Terry Daniels was the first to spin the bottle and Richard Jarvis, was the first to get whacked, with the cricket bat. He had to stand legs apart, with his hands held behind him, while Terry Daniels, the spinner, used the cricket bat, to whack his balls. The cricket bat had expected effect, filling Richard Jarvis's balls with sickening pain. The game went on for many more rounds with everyone taking a turns at spinning the bottle. They all ended up get whacked at least once but two of them got whacked three times. This unlucky pair, were made piggies in the middle, for the rest of the afternoon, as a forfeit for getting hit, the most times. That was Richard Jarvis and Mark Jones. they had to fight a two on one, ball whacking and grabbing fight, with two other members of the hard knocks club. Richard Jarvis took on Terry Daniels and David Poulter. Mark Jones took on Thomas Baker and Gary Richards. They both suffered much more abuse and trauma to their balls.

Slipper play

After the success of their new and painful game, bat and balls. The hard knocks club after a lot of debate, came up with another new and equally painful, new game, called slipper play. The loser would again be decided by spinning the bottle. The game was played in their vest and underpants. The loser who had to remove his underpants, would then be bent and stretched over an old wooden gym horse, two members of the hard knock club would keep their legs stretched tight, while the loser gripped the bottom of the either side of the legs of the horse. The bottle spinner could then give the loser two whacks of the plimsoll, on his naked buttocks. then the other four, would take turns giving the loser one whack each to his naked buttocks. So the loser took six whacks in all.

The loser was then turned over and stretched tight over the horse, by four members of the hard knocks club. The bottle spinner could then give the loser two whacks to his naked balls with the plimsoll. Again the other four, would take turns giving the loser one whack each, to his naked balls, so the loser took six whacks to, his naked balls. David Poulter was the first to spin the bottle this time and this time Mark Jones, was the first loser. He took two hard whacks to his arse from David Poulter, and then one more each from the other four members. He was turned over and took two hard whacks to his balls from David Poulter, and then one more each from the other four members. This turned out to be an even more painful and traumatic game for their balls, than the cricket bat game, had been.

They played several times with all of them beside David Poulter, lost at least once. Mark Jones was unluckily a loser twice and suffered a double dose of buttocks and ball whacking. The game was that painful and traumatic, that it made two members ejaculate, or cream, as the members of the hard knocks club, liked to call it. They were Thomas Baker and Mark Jones, who was creamed by his last whack of his second dose, of six whacks to his balls.

Even more heavy ball busting and cbt action. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. €3.00




20 How he got to enjoy hard ball pain. Ray got into painful ball play, grabbing and whacking, other boy's balls and having his own balls, grabbed and whacked, at senior school. When he left he thought he'd left all his ball busting days behind him. Because he went to boys school, not the local high school, he left his ball busting friends behind. Salvation came with a younger neighbour, called Justin. They both liked the wrestling on TV and then acted out. His chance came when they were talking about one wrestler, using low blows and dirty tactics, to win. Then he made the fateful decision, to suggest that they use low blows and dirty tactics in their wrestling. To his surprise Justin agreed and they started to use low blows and dirty tactics, in their wrestling. Justin turned out be so good at them, that he went from losing almost every wrestling match, to winning everyone. Their wreslting progressed to ball busting fights, with punches and grabs, then to slipper fights. Justin excelled at all of them, beating Ray and punishing his balls. Justin grew more sadistic and found increasing ways to make Ray fight in only his underpants, loving the way it left Ray's balls helplessly exposed. Sometimes he even made Ray fight with hands tied behind his back and once blind fold as well.

Then one day Justin involved a friend from school, Frank. Frank fitted in extremely well and took to ball busting very quickly. It turned out, he use to do some with his older brother Harry. In their first session Ray took on Frank first., the decide to start with wrestling and ball busting. Frank turned out to be almost as good as Justin and made Ray's balls suffer. Then things changed for Ray, forever. While Frank was struggling to pin Ray, Justin punched Ray in the balls, That made Ray collapse and he was pinned and smothered by Frank. Ray had never liked, hard punches in the balls, but smothered, he was unable, to object. As Ray never objected, Justin carried on punching Ray's balls. However, this time, the heavy ball pain, produced by the punches, excited Ray and he started to like it. From then on Ray enjoyed more, heavier ball pain.

Justin and Frank enjoyed ganging up on Ray and making his balls suffer, using all the tactics, Justin had introduced in, his previous fights with Ray. They really made sure Ray's balls suffered so much, that they made him cum, some times more than once. After beating and draining Ray, they would fight each other. They were, as merciless with their own balls, as with Ray's. Both of them suffered painful defeats at the other hands. Ray's sessions with Justin and Frank, stopped when he started work, but those double sessions, had hooked Ray on enjoying heavy ball pain, for the rest of his life. more heavy ball busting and cbt action. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. €3.00




21 The hard knocks club part 8 foreign balls and pen pal busters, Bakers saga part 1, Baker in Germany. The misadventures of Thomas Baker, a member of the hard knocks clubs in Germany, when he went to stay with his pen pal Kurt. Thomas had told Kurt all about his ball busting and knacker fighting activities, with the other members of the hard knocks club. Kurt was curious and eager to try some ball busting and knacker fighting. Thomas thought how hot and athletic Kurt looked just in his briefs. So Thomas demonstrated some ball squeezing, knackering, ball slapping, and ball punching, on Kurt and then let Kurt practice the same on his own balls. Thomas was surprised how much ball pain Kurt, as a novice could take and how good at inflicting ball pain, he was. Kurt found abusing Thomas's, another boys cock and balls, very exciting and was hooked. They had their first ball busting and knacker fight, the next evening and Thomas more experienced, easily beat Kurt, but it was painful victory for Thomas.

That was when Kurt let Thomas in on a secret he and two other boys had a wrestling club between them. They wrestled in an old abandoned air raid shelter, in a secluded part of the grounds, at Kurt's school. Kurt showed Thomas his school and the air raid shelter. They had another knacker fight which Thomas won again, but not quiet as easily, another painful victory. At school Thomas Kurt's his two class mates and wrestling friends Meyer and Rolf. Rolf was handsome and athletic like Kurt. Meyer was huge, over weight, but a very good wrestler, the champion of their small club. He modelled himself on the big Daddy was almost impossible to beat, which made him very arrogant. Kurt confessed he's told Thomas about their wrestling and challenged Meyer to match after school. Thomas found the wrestling exciting to watch, as Meyer and Kurt, wrestled in the their underpants. Meyer made short work of Kurt easily beating and abusing him. Once he got two submissions, or uncles, as they liked to use in Germany. Meyer stripped Kurt naked and made him cum, a penalty for losing. Later that evening Thomas and Kurt had another knacker fight which Thomas won, but it was much harder for him to beat Kurt.

The next day after school Meyer and Rolf wrestled in the old shelter. It was Rolf's turn to be beaten and abused by Meyer, suffering a similar fate to Kurt. That was followed by more knacker fighting and ball busting and knackering practice. Then it was Thomas's turn to wrestle Meyer in the shelter. Kurt had suggested that Thomas use knacker fighting techniques against Meyer, to try and beat him. At first it worked and Thomas was easily beating Meyer, but a lucky blow from Meyer gave him the upper hand and he punished and abused Thomas into defeat, to be stripped and milked like, Kurt and Rolf. That evening Kurt and Thomas had another knacker fight, a long and hard one, that Kurt eventually won, using a combination of wrestling and knacker fighting tactics. AfterThomas's final painful submission, Kurt did not release him, until Thomas agreed, to be Kurt's naked wrestling and knacker boy.

Encouraged by his win over Thomas and the success of the new tactics, Kurt challenged Meyer to another match after school. Using his successful combination of wrestling and knacker fighting tactics, Kurt was able to beat Meyer although it was a very close run thing. It was Meyer's turn to be stripped naked and milked dry, as the loser. That evening Kurt used Thomas, as his knacker fighting and wrestling boy, practicing the combination on him. Thomas had to endure more of the same, on his last night with Kurt. The first part of the story ends, where it began, with Thomas waiting for Kurt, to arrive in England, for a week with Thomas and the other members of the hard knocks club.

More heavy ball busting and cbt action, also wreslting action. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and each others bodies, with wrestling and loving it. €3.00







1 Apprentice ball buster book 2 recollections of female bustings. Gary, James's electrical and ball busting apprentice, told James about his fist busting experience with a girl named Lucy. What started of as a gut punching game with Lucy ended up a hard ball busting session for Gary, suffering at the hands of the sadistic girl. Gary was made to cum several times while suffering some heavy ball punishment. James told his apprentice of how he was stripped bound and abused by two middle aged women Tina and Beryl in the factory. How they subjected his naked body to fist pummelling, and spanking with a flip flop to the body and balls. James suffered along and painful punishment session with Tina and Beryl, repeated ball draining and punishment. Painful and erotic punishment of the male body and balls by sadist females. 5.00




2 Blond ball buster. John a teenage boy meets Vera teenage girl at a disco. When they go outside to snog instead of snogging, Vera knees him in the balls and beats and humiliates him at wrestling, giving him more ball abuse. Vera then tells him that they used to wrestle and fight at junior school and she used to knacker him when she won. That brought a lot painful but exciting memories back to John. John agreed to a rematch at his house on the following Monday afternoon. Yhey wrestled hard but Vera managed to beat and strip John, giving him more ball abuse. They then meet regularly on Mondays up to the summer holidays for more wrestling and ball busting play when John goes on holiday with his parents for two weeks.

John agreed to meet Vera on the following monday after his return from holiday but had to work late and missed the meeting. John was confronted by an angry Vera and agreed to meet her in his lunch break. Vera gave John a good beating and work over, with lots of ball busting and knackering. Good teenage female physical and sexual abuse of a male with plenty of ball abuse. €4.00 Story extract available to read, on the battle annals ball busting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.




3 Female on male ball busting short story collection 1. Featuring teenage ball busting crusade and the first but certainly not the last.

1 Teenage ball busting crusade. Jay a teenage boy, was a bit of a loner, wss surprised when two girls from his class invited him back to one of their flats for coffee, as they hardly ever looked at him, at school. However Jay soon found out what what Tessa and Tina have install for him, when they get to Tessa's flat. Tessa and Tina have always fantasised about hitting a boy in the balls and their first victim was going to be Jay, a boy in their class. They talked Jay into going to Tessa's flat for coffee and a chat, but when they get him there they start to hit him in balls. They over power Jay with blows to the balls then get him in a chair. While one held his arms behind the chair, the other sat on his lap and slapped and squeezed Jay's balls. They swapped places, getting sadistic pleasure out of Jay's suffering. Jay couldn't believe what is happening, as two girls from his class take turns to abuse his balls, really making him suffer. To Jay's surprise his cock gets hard and to his horror he realises he was enjoying the abuse.

Tessa and Tina were surprised and delighted to see Jay is hard and obviously enjoying his suffering. They are so turned on by his and their own arousal, at their abuse of Jay's helpless balls. Tessa when she swaps places with Tina to abuse Jay's balls again, starts to punch them punishing Jay's balls even harder. When she finishes, Jay was in so much pain. he fell off the chair to the floor. The girls drop to the floor beside Jay and Tessa secures his hands leaving Tina to punch and squeeze his already badly aching balls. Satisfied and elated with their first balls busting adventure, the girls throw Jay out of the flat and go in search of another boy to abuse deciding that Jay was only the first victim in their teenage ball busting crusade. More good teenage female physical and sexual abuse of a male, with plenty of ball abuse.

2 The first but certainly not the last. Bruce a mature male ball busting fan, always looking for more ball busting fun with other men and women, had been chatting for some time with Janice, a teenage female into ball busting. To Bruce's surprise and delight Janice wants to ball bust much older men and after weeks of chatting about it, Janice made Bruce strip to his underpants on web cam and bust his balls for her. Shortly after that Janice invited Bruce to her flat for a ball busting session. Janice didn't waste any time giving Bruce a couple of hard punches in the balls. Then she tried some kicks out, on his balls, with his legs open, in front and from behind. Satisfied, Bruce really was into ball busting, she made him strip to his underpants and really went to work on his balls. Janice made Bruce lay against the couch she was sitting on with his legs wide, either side of her thighs. From this comfortable position, she was able to punch and squeeze Bruce's balls as much as she liked, really punishing them and making him suffer.

Janice was so excited at punishing a man's balls old enough to be her father and sparred him not mercy. Bruce was also excited, at being so badly abused, by a girl young enough to be his daughter. Janice got Bruce to lower his underpants, to see how red and swollen his balls were. They were both highly aroused when they saw how red and swollen his balls were. Janice was impressed, at how Bruce let her abuse his balls without trying to stop her, even when she started on his red swollen balls again. As a reward Janice allowed Bruce to bring himself off to relieve the pressure in his highly aroused cock. Highly aroused after for filling a fantasy of her's, Janice decided to try another and ordered Bruce to lay face down naked across her lap. She then spanked Bruce's arse until it was bright red and very sore. Another thing she had always wanted to do to man Bruce's age. Bruce's cock got rock hard, as she spanked him and she brought him off, as another reward for letting him do what she wanted to him. Janice had so enjoyed the session with Bruce her first proper balls busting session with an older man, that she vowed it would not be her last. Heavy female on male ball busting action, young female abusing mature male balls. €4.00 Story extract available to read, on the battle annals ball busting stories extracts blog, link at the top of the page.




4 Female on male ball busting short story collection 1. Featuring kick boxer's demo goes west and aunties cbt obedience lessons both with five colour action photos.

1 Kick boxer's demo goes west. Budding kick boxer Max was practicing high kicks and stretching in a park with his friend Colin, when they were noticed by two girls Mary and Anne, who stopped to watch them. Impressed with how high and wide Max could kick and stretch, Mary and Anne invited, Max and Colin back to their flat, to continue his practice and demonstration. The boys thought their luck was in, but Mary and Anne had others things planned for Max.

At the flat Max continued his practice and demonstration and even agreed to Anne helping him with the stretching and high kicking instead of Colin. Mary wanted to know just how high Max could kick and how wide he could stretch. Max was happy to oblige impressing Mary again, who couldn't help commenting on how vulnerable the high kicks and wide spread position left him. Mary started to tease Max about kicking him the balls when he was like that, even going through the motions with her foot raised between his wide spread legs. It was too much of a temptation for Mary and she kicked Max in the balls, knowing Anne was in on the plan and would not let Max lower or close his legs. Things went rapidly down hill for Max with Mary giving him more kicks in the balls that he was unable to prevent. Mary then gave Max repeated kicks in the balls until he collapsed and passed out from the pain. But his ordeal was far from over.

While he was still out Max's legs were spread wide and Anne took the opportunity to kick him in the balls. She kept kicking him in the balls until he came round then continued with non stop kicks until Mary was ready to take over again. Anne trapped Max's head in a head scissors to keep him from moving while Mary gave his balls even more kicks. To add insult to injury they pulled Max's jogging bottoms and boxer shorts down to inspect their handy work, laughing at Max's swollen and black and blue balls, before throwing both boysout of their flat. Hard sadistic female on male ball busting action, with four colour action photos.

2 Aunties cbt obedience lessons. Jack a surely, lazy teenager, was left at home while his parents went on holiday. His mother had asked her sister Jessica to keep an eye on Jack while they were away. When jessica checked Jack on the sunday afternoon, she found him asleep on the couch and the house in a right mess, even though his parents had only left the day before. Angry, Jessica woke Jack up and demanded he clean the house up. She got even more angry when he arrogantly refused to do it and she decided to teach him a lesson.

Jessica grabbed and squeezed Jack balls and then climbed on top of him on the couch and continued to abuse his balls. She had been told by her sister how lazy and arrogant Jack was, so she had come prepared. Jessica used the hand cuffs she had brought with her to secure Jack's hands, then she pulled his trousers down and actually laughed when she saw how small his cock was. Then she started to tease and abuse his cock and balls sneering at how hard his little cock got, making him blush with embarrassment, until he agreed to clean the lounge.

Once jack had cleaned the lounge she asked to start on the kitchen. When he moaned and refused to do it Jessica was forced to give Jack another painful lesson in obedience on the couch. Jack's trousers were pulled down and she continued to abuse his cock and balls remarking at how he got hard even quicker, making him blush even more. When the pain got too much Jack agreed to clean the kitchen. When he had finished, Jessica was going to get him to clean his bedroom but Jack wanted to watch football, first so he received another painful and embarrassing cbt obedience lesson from Jessica. Jessica then intended to get Jack to use the washing machine to wash all his dirty clothes. When her refused telling her it was women's work she really lost her temper, kneeing Jack in the balls and throwing him onto the couch.

This time Jessica completely removed Jack's trousers and used her hand and feet to tease and abuse his cock and balls until she had him on the brink of ejaculation. Jessica ignored his pleas to stop and made him ejaculate. She then put Jack over her knee and spanked his bare buttocks, as his final lesson in obedience. Hot older female on younger male ball teasing and abuse, with five action photos. €6.00



5 The Sperm Count Deductor. Melissa, the Sperm Count Deductor was running an experiment, with two young teenage boys, into ball busting. Her experiment involved the two boys Dirk, his on line ball busting non de plume, My Balls or Your balls, and William, his on line ball busting non de plume, I'll Risk My balls, them busting each other balls, in games of chance, to see what effect it had on their sperm count. She had a theory, that trauma to the male testicles, would lower that males sperm count. Melissa's experiment, via ball busting games of chance, seemed to be proving her theory. But the make sure she decided she needed an older male, to take part in the experiment. She found the ideal candidate in Jim whose, on line ball busting non de plume, was Tough Old Balls. She informed Jim all about of her ball busting games of chance, with Dirk and William, that she ran via the Internet, and told Jim, she wanted him to join them. Jim an avid, much older, ball busting enthusiast, in his sixties, liked the idea and agreed to join her experiment. So the next time Melissa ran her ball busting experiment game, she invited Jim to be part of it.

Jim joined Dirk and William, at the apartment, where the ball busting experimental games took place. As usual Melissa ran things via the Internet, using cameras and a large monitor, to communicate with the participants, also to watch and record the events. The participants played the game in just there underpants and used, soft dense, rubber balls, in socks, to bust each other balls. Who got busted was decided by the turn of cards. Melissa controlled the choice of cards, outside of the view of the participants. She let them believe, the card selections, were random, but she carefully controlled the card selections, to make particular participants, suffer more than the others. As it was Jim's first game she decided to make him suffer much more, than Dirk or William. Jim claimed, he liked ball busting and the pain and could endure a lot, she was going to test that claim. Also up until then, she had been making William's balls, suffer more than Dirk's and his sperm count had lowered, significantly more, than Dirk's. This time, she was going to push Dirk's balls, to the breaking point, while not being overly kind to William's balls.

She pushed all three players to their limits and Jim and Dirk beyond. She made Jim's balls really suffer and he proved, not only that he liked the pain, but that he could take it as well. But that was not good enough for Melissa, she pushed Jim beyond his breaking point and made him retire early from the game, invoking a penalty. His penalty was to be whacked in the cock and balls, by Dirk and William, until he cum. As Jim's balls has suffered too much abuse already, it didn't take long for Dirk and William, to make him cum. The game then carried on to see who would be the winner, but Melissa had already decided, it would to Dirk. She upped the stakes, when just Dirk and William played on, from a whack in the balls for the loser, to a whack in the balls and a whack to their cock. Melissa made sure that Dirk lost almsot every game after that, until he took so many painful whacks, he cum as well, forfeiting the game.

Melissa was well pleased with the result of her latest experimental, ball busting, games. The results, from the participants samples, showed that Dirk's sperm count, was now lower than William's, which was also lower than his last sample. The game had also lowered Jim sperm count, helping to prove her theory. Melissa was very pleased and still had more painful sessions in line for ther three male participants. She was well named as the Sperm Count Deductor. Hot and intense male on male ball busting action, under the control of a sadistic female. € 4






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